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What is the ideal vehicle for 4×4 touring?

There is no ideal vehicle for touring, but there will be a vehicle best suited for your needs, the weight your towing and your budget. If you have any questions about what vehicle you should buy for your needs book in a time to have a conversation with one of our staff members.

At Just Autos we can provide a wide range of services ranging from Pre trip inspections, advice for touring (what to bring with you for spares) while also providing all your upgrades to get you where you need to go safely and efficiently. With over 10 years’ experience with getting vehicle set up and ready for any touring style, cape trips, doing the lap around Australia to taking your camper out with the family on the weekend we have you covered.

“Not everyone’s ideal vehicle for touring is the same”

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What should I do before I go 4×4 touring?

Before going on any trip or touring anywhere around our vast country, its highly recommended to get your vehicle serviced or a pre-trip inspection carried out to try and avoid getting stuck somewhere you don’t want to be

  • Spare Air filter & Fuel filters (Secondary fuel filters as well)
  • Spare drive belts
  • Container of water
  • Small number of tools for basic repairs
  • Scan tool (Scan gauge 2 or equivalent) to check codes if a problem was to occur
  • Spare tyre
  • Tyre repair kit & compressor
  • Snatch strap and shackles
  • Spare oil & filter

Always check water levels, oil levels, fuel filter & water traps, hoses and belts frequently. We can’t stress enough checking air filter regularly if high dust situations and replacing frequently to avoid dusting engine & turbos.

When picking a vehicle for touring its advisable to make sure what your doing is legal just incase you were to ever have an accident and insurance is voided due to this. Its good to think about the height & weight of your vehicle, tyre size and Road worth compliance of the vehicle as well so you don’t run into this problem

If you build a 4WD up for touring, you’ll soon have to face the battle of weights. Like all vehicles, you can only add so much weight to your 4WD before it becomes illegal or undriveable, however if the vehicle becomes undriveable we can help with that with one of our performance upgrades for touring

When adding substantial weight to your vehicle it’s recommended to getting your brakes upgraded to a heavy-duty pad & rotors to suit a high stress situation and checking brake components regularly. It is also advised to make sure trailer brakes are working correctly including electronic trailer brakes working efficiently.

For tuning purposes not always unless the factory fitted intake system is restrictive, for touring and using your vehicle in situation which involve dusty road and small water crossings its recommended to replace the factory intake system which is usually fitted in our of the worse places, behind the guard which leaves it vulnerable to dust and water. Replacing this factory fitted intake with a snorkel will help move the intake to a higher location to avoid dust off the road and water when crossing rivers. Be careful when ordering snorkels, it is advised to stick with main brands with high quality components ie. Safari to avoid costly damage.

When returning from your trip your vehicle has been put through some heavy work, a small check once returning could save thousands in costly repairs. Wheel bearings, brake linings, drivetrain oils, radiator obstructions can be a few of many issues that can arise when touring, taking water crossings

Unfortunately, your vehicle won’t be winning any awards for fuel economy any time soon, with added weights and towing your vehicle will use more fuel than normal. We can help with this situation by making sure the vehicle is serviced correctly ie. Air filter replaced; fuel filter can help with gaining some fuel economy back. Carrying out a custom remap package, fitting torque converter lock up kits, fitting an aftermarket exhaust can help with efficiency as well.

4X4 Touring

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