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200 Series Landcruiser
200 Series Landcruiser

Enhanced Driving Performance

ECU Transmission
Lock-Up Kit

Toyota 200 Series drivers with a torque converter lock-up kit, will tell you what a massive difference it makes to the power of your drive. As leaders in Diesel Performance Tuning, Just Autos have tailored our lock-up kits for maximum results! Our kits are designed to work within the safety parameters of your ECU, enhancing your engine’s ability to tow, climb hills, and use low-end torque – satisfying the premium standards you can expect from the Just Autos team.  

Our passion for power here at Just Autos delivers in this kit:  

Whether you are off-roading, towing a caravan or boat, or smashing an incline, our ECU Transmission Lock-up Kit gives drivers more control – these driving environments will put your engine to the test. Our specially designed lockup kit is a MUST for anyone who considers themselves a 4WD enthusiast!

Your Diesel Performance Experts

Our passion for power is about more than just optimal performance of your Toyota 200 Series. Fitting our customized ECU Transmission Lock-up Kit will not only satisfy your inner rev head – it’ll also protect your engine while promoting the health and longevity of the motor, ultimately resulting in a better drive for longer.  

Next Level Off-Road Driving

Cooler Transmission Temps

200 Series Landcruiser

Improved Towing Experience

200 Series Landcruiser

Just Autos

Your Trusted Toyota 200 Series Diesel Tuners

It’s simple. You love your car? Fit it with an ECU Transmission lock-up kit from Just Autos! Specifically designed by car-lovers for car-lovers. No one is more passionate about Diesel Performance than we are! That’s why our customers drive across Australia to the team at Just Autos to get their cars tuned. With over 300+ reviews averaging 4.9 stars, it’s easy to see why Just Autos are the trusted leaders in Diesel Performance Tuning.  

Toyota 4WD Experts Just Autos

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Experts Who Care

We are the only ones who care more about your car’s performance than you! When upgrading your factory standard components, you can trust the leaders in the field to look after you, and your car. Let us fit your prized Toyota 200 Series with our custom ECU Transmission lock-up kit and you will be able to experience the Just Autos difference for yourself! 

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Just Autos are the best and most experienced in Diesel Performance Tuning. We love Toyotas, we drive Toyotas, we live and breathe them. Our comprehensive services will unlock the key to your diesel’s real potential. Sign up to our newsletter for all the insider tips & tricks and go into the draw to win your very own lock-up kit.  

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