How to Choose the Right Performance Upgrades for Your Needs

April 6, 2021

Stock-standard vehicles straight from the factory can easily become something that doesn’t quite do the job it was expected to. Sometimes, vehicle owners find themselves wanting more out of their engines – especially those who enjoy off-road driving, touring, or towing – and quickly realise that their factory-standard engine just does not provide what they need. Fortunately, modern technology has opened new doorways in the motor world, and vehicle owners can have their engines, as well as other mechanical components, upgraded.  

Are you looking to have performance upgrades done to your diesel vehicle, but aren’t sure what you should choose? Read on to learn more from our in-house diesel experts on how to choose the right performance upgrades for your needs!  

Performance Upgrades: So Many Choices!  

With so many variables to factor in, it is easy to become overwhelmed by just how much you can modify your vehicle. Choosing performance upgrades is especially challenging and, if done by the wrong company, it can leave you feeling cheated or underwhelmed by your vehicle’s ‘changed’ performance. It is important to ensure that any performance modifications or alterations were done to your engine are done by professionals.  

The most important factor to consider when getting performance upgrades is your need for them. Are you looking for improved fuel efficiency? Do you want more power from your engine? Do you need to ensure your vehicle can adequately tow? Understanding your needs can ease the decision-making process considerably easier – and will help ensure that the outcome is what you hoped for!  

What Type of Upgrades Can You Get?  

Based on your needs, there are a number of upgrades you could have done to your vehicle that could increase performance:  

You may need to supplement one form of upgrade with another; for example, fitting a new exhaust system to your vehicle will likely require you to have its ECU remapped as well. This is to ensure that all components of your engine are compatible with one another – an important step when enhancing your vehicle’s performance – as aftermarket parts can cause complications if your engine is not properly tuned to accommodate the changes the parts create.  

Additionally, some upgrades on their own will not result in much change or improvement in your vehicle’s performance. Exhaust upgrades can improve fuel efficiency, noise reduction (or promotion!), and airflow but, when done alone, may only result in a minimal increase in torque or power gains.  

How to Choose the Right Performance Upgrades for Your Needs

Which Upgrades Should You Choose?  

The make and model of your vehicle can limit your performance upgrade choices. At Just Autos, we specialise in diesel engine performance upgrades. As diesel engines generally have the potential to create more power and torque than petrol their petrol counterparts with minimal modifications, there is much you can do to enhance their performance.  

When choosing your performance upgrades, it is best to discuss what exactly you are looking to improve about your diesel’s performance with an experienced professional. They can advise how much tuning and modifying your vehicle will require based on your needs!  

I Need Performance Upgrades 

Do you think your vehicle could benefit from one of our performance packages? Do you tow, tour, or go off-road and want to get the most out of your engine? Get in touch with the performance enhancement experts at our Nambour workshop today to book your vehicle in!  

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