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Tailored ECU Multi-Mapping Services

Toyota Diesel Multi-Mapping Solutions

Multi-mapping is a complex service offering that Just Autos provides for a variety of Toyota engines and models. Our experts connect our tuning software which works in conjunction with the ECU’s onboard processor to create multiple maps, or sets of parameters, that can be stored in the ECU. These maps can then be switched between as needed, allowing the ECU to adjust its parameters for different conditions and environments.

Until recently, only high-end Toyota models had the ability to store additional maps on their ECUs. With the advancement of technology, as well as the progression of the services we offer and the equipment we use, Just Autos can now provide multi-maps to a range of Toyota vehicles, including the Toyota Hilux N80 and the popular range of Land Cruisers. As local ECU remapping and diesel tuning experts, we can help you create the perfect setup for your vehicle, ensuring ultimate performance and reliability while out on the road. 

For vehicle owners that require more than the standard from their vehicle, multi-mapping is a viable solution. With our experienced help, you can completely customise the performance and capability of your diesel! 

Our Multi-Mapping Services

Multi-Mapping Your Toyota's Engine Control Unit

In the past, adjusting the parameters of an ECU post-tuning required manual reprogramming, which was a tedious process. This meant that every time new parameters were needed, the ECU had to be re-tuned. But with our ECU multi-mapping services, it’s possible to quickly and easily adjust the ECU’s parameters without the need for manual reprogramming.

Our multi-mapping software operates in tandem with the ECU’s onboard processor to generate multiple maps consisting of various parameters, which can be saved within the ECU. This allows you to switch between maps as necessary; the ECU will modify its parameters to suit different surroundings and conditions. Our team has also created a unique switch designed to facilitate the switching of maps. The switch is conveniently installed within the interior of your Toyota vehicle.

Our Multi-Mapping Services are Available for…

Matt from Just Autos carrying out a multi-map on a Toyota ECU

How Multi-Mapping Can Improve Your Drive

ECU multi-mapping offers numerous benefits that are too good to overlook – we know because we enjoy these benefits ourselves! While ECU remapping on its own provides significant advantages, multi-mapping can take it to the next level by ensuring maximum engine efficiency on almost any terrain.

The most notable advantage of multi-mapping is that it makes it quicker and easier to adjust the ECU’s parameters. Manual reprogramming of the ECU is no longer necessary, which simplifies the process of adjusting the ECU’s parameters for different driving conditions. This gives you the power to alter the way your engine responds and performs depending on your driving needs. 

ECU multi-mapping allows for the creation of custom maps, which can be used to fine-tune the engine’s performance to a greater degree than standard tuning. This is particularly useful for enhancing the engine’s power output, fuel efficiency, and responsiveness.

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Just Autos multi-mapping switch installed
Interior of Just Autos workshop where performance tuners work on diesel Toyotas with EGRs

How Just Autos' Multi-Mapping Works

Once we have successfully implemented our custom maps and programmed them to your ECU, our experts will fit a multi-mapping or rotary switch in your vehicle, the position of which will vary, which will allow you to rotate the dial to the desired, pre-mapped setting.

The dial has six positions in total, set for:

1. Stock+

This is the standard factory map with a slight modification to improve overall drivability.

2. Immobiliser

When the dial is turned to this position, the engine will crank but not start. This function can only be accessed when the vehicle is stationary.

3. Idle up/Winch Mode

Will raise the RPM to 1500-2000rpm depending on application.

4. Tow Mode inc. Engine Brak

This mode has the ability to be used as an engine brake; lower gear ratios with higher RPM will have to be used.

5. Power Mode

This mode is simple: maximum output power!

6. Power+

Get the same power outputs as Power Mode but enjoy better launch control with a lumpy idle and high pedal sensitivity.

When Last Was Your Toyota Diesel Tuned? - Toyota Land Cruiser getting tuned at Just Autos

Toyota ECU Multi-Mapping Experts

When you come to us for ECU multi-mapping, we take the time to evaluate the current state of your engine and your tuning options. This ensures that we offer you a solution that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We treat each vehicle that enters our workshop as unique and give each engine our undivided attention during the tuning process.

Our experts are trained to handle a wide range of ECU multi-mapping requirements, from basic tuning to advanced performance optimisation. Whether you need to enhance the towing efficiency of your engine, improve its power output, or increase its responsiveness, we have the expertise and tools to help you achieve your performance goals.

Diesel Multi-Mapping Experts

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Just Autos is based in Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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