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Maximise Power and Performance from Your 200 Series Land Cruiser with Our Range of Diesel Performance Upgrades and Tuning Services.

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200 Series Land Cruiser Performance Upgrades & Tuning

The Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser is a popular car for off-road and touring enthusiasts; its rugged and durable design makes it the ultimate 4X4 vehicle. However, the 200 Series Land Cruiser can be greatly improved from the factory settings, starting with some basic tuning options to custom packages, suiting both your performance requirements and budget. 

As any Toyota Land Cruiser owner knows, these cars were built for performance. From the early models in the much-loved 70 Series range to the latest 300 Series Land Cruiser released in 2021, every Land Cruiser model to date has continuously raised the bar on what to expect from Toyota’s flagship model.

These cars are built for reliability, and Just Autos have the way to keep that factory reliably Toyota’s are known for and have all the power you’ve been missing out on. We can tailor the upgrades to your existing 200 Series’ build to produce maximum unleashed performance, and our experienced diesel tuners offer a range of performance tuning services to bring out the best in your engine.

200 Series Landcruiser

200 Series Diesel Performance Tuning

Our workshop is fully equipped with a range of high-tech tuning gear and equipment, including our dynos. We have a team of trained, in-house master tuners who are able to write their own ECU remap files. This allows us to completely customise your remap to suit your performance needs. 

Our team will work with you to assess the current state of your engine and your tuning options. We treat each vehicle that enters our workshop individually, giving each engine our undivided attention during the tuning process. Here’s how it works:

Tune Your Toyota

Just Autos Diesel Performance is based in Nambour, North of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  

Package 1

  • Base package with the goal of increasing torque, power and efficiency 
  • Budget-friendly while still seeing improvements in output
  • Average increases of 20% torque at all four wheels
  • No compromise to the reliability Toyota is known for

Package 2

  • Mid package ideal for those looking to increase torque outputs and improve their towing capabilities and experience 
  • Just Autos’ torque converter lock-up kit for maximum control
  • Twin 3-4″ custom exhaust
  • Just Autos’ custom ECU remap
  • Aims to improve issues that may arise when the engine is under load, e.g. while touring – helps prevent excessive fuel consumption, improve driveability, reduce gearbox temperatures and improve gearbox responsiveness
  • Considerable increases to engine efficiency 
  • Optional extras include intercooler and airbox upgrades

Package 3

  • Currently only available for pre-DPF 200 Series Land Cruiser models 
  • Ideal for the performance enthusiast 
  • Just Autos’ torque converter lock-up kit for maximum control
  • Twin 3-4″ custom exhaust
  • Just Autos’ custom ECU remap
  • Average power outputs of over 280hp and 850nm at all four wheels 
  • Range of aftermarket and genuine upgrade parts available
  • Considerable increases to engine efficiency 
  • Optional extras include intercooler, airbox and turbo upgrades 

200 Series Diesel Performance Tuning

Maximise Your LC-200's Performance

Performance tuning is the perfect solution for those looking to increase the power and torque of their 200 Series Land Cruiser. At factory settings, the Toyota Land Cruiser’s engine is detuned and lacking, leaving a lot to be desire when towing and touring. Just Autos have just what you need!

Just Autos are the experts at diesel performance tuning, offering a variety of upgrade packages and individual upgrade options. With over 15 years of diesel performance tuning experience, our expert team has all your tuning and performance needs covered.

Our Toyota diesel performance tuners are trained, knowledgeable and are experts at what they do. Our staff are happy to answer any questions and queries you have ensuring you get all the facts and information you need to make the best decisions for your diesel tuning needs.

Toyota L200 Performance Upgrades

Performance Upgrades for Your 200 Series Land Cruiser

Popular for towing and touring, the 200 Series Land Cruiser is a favourite among off-road and adventuring enthusiasts. Their big engines have huge potential for increased power and performance, just waiting to be tapped into!

Just Autos offers a selection of 200 Series Land Cruiser upgrades that can be tailored to your performance needs. Whether you want more torque, horsepower, or even greater towing ability, we can provide you with the right performance upgrade kit or package.

An ECU remap on your 200 Series Land Cruiser can achieve very noticeable gains just on its own, but when partnered with one of our performance packages the true power can be unleashed. Your 200 Series can get improved performance in both torque and overall horsepower – not to mention increased engine efficiency, which all lends itself to improved driveability.

Factory vs Remap Figures

Based off package 1 for your 200 Series Land Cruiser, the ECU remap can get up to 40% increase in torque and horsepower from stock.

Toyota Land Cruiser Performance Experts

Diesel Performance Upgrades & Tuning

It’s no secret that Just Autos is the best Toyota diesel specialists in the country. We provide modifications, upgrades, and performance tuning for a variety of Toyota models, including previous Land Cruiser models, the Toyota Hilux, and the Toyota Prado. If you need help selecting your next vehicle upgrade, want help increasing your power outputs, or are looking for modifications contact us today!

Just Autos Diesel Performance is based in Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser Mods & Upgrades

Just Autos’ performance exhaust upgrade kit for the VDJ200 Series Land Cruiser replaces your factory exhaust system with a high flowing, 3- or 4-inch-large (diameter), highly efficient exhaust, giving you a better driving experience and with more torque, power, throttle response all through, not to mention, a great sounding V8 exhaust.

We also fit high-flow, high-efficiency catalytic converters, which are incorporated into your 200 Series Land Cruiser exhaust system without compromising performance. We have multiple options for your exhaust system, depending on the desired exhaust noise.

Our custom built upgraded injectors are designed to achieve the best fuel to air mixture. Upgrades are often non-optional when changing the factory-fitted turbo.

Just Autos have the perfect turbo for your 200 Series Land Cruiser build. We partnered with G Turbo, and their vast range of turbos are capable of increasing the factory torque and horsepower of your 200 Series Land Cruiser over and above anything you could have hoped to achieve with factory-fitted parts.

With upgraded assemblies, a high-efficiency compressor wheel, custom designer turbines, custom VNT systems and solid bearings for high boost, the GTurbo will get your 200 Series Land Cruiser going.

Getting an aftermarket airbox assembly for your 200 Series Land Cruiser can help your engine achieve better airflow over the factory airbox, which is critical when tuning. Toyota factory airboxes are also notorious for poor dust-proofing.

Getting an aftermarket airbox can save you money in the long run as getting dust into your engine can cause irreversible damage to it.

Depending on what package you choose for your 200 Series Land Cruiser, where you plan on going and with what gear, we have the right intercooler and fan upgrade kits to keep your 200 Series Land Cruiser running cool.

The need for transmission lockup kits becomes evident when towing your caravan or trailer downhill, as relying on your just on your vehicle’s breaks can lead to a disaster. That’s where having a more direct drive from the transmission can save your day – and your brakes.

Our transmission lockup kits for your 200 Series Land Cruiser still maintain the factory driveability that Toyota is known for.

To achieve this, we set the converter to only automatically kick in above 80km/h, as in our experience, below 70km/s puts unnecessary strain on your 200 Series LandCruiser’s transmission, likely posing a threat because it likes to select higher a gear and is thus more likely to see the converter slip. For lower speed, we have a secondary low speed lock mode that you can manually set to hold gear when traversing downhill with engine breaking at lower speeds.

Upgrade Your Diesel Engine

As Australia’s premier common rail and turbo diesel Toyota performance experts, vehicle owners across Queensland, interstate and even internationally bring their high-performance diesel vehicles exclusively to our workshop.

Our entire team, headed by Matt Smith, is committed to meeting the needs of our customers and providing the best service in the diesel performance tuning industry. As a result, a high percentage of our local, interstate and international business is from repeat customers and referrals.

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