Toyota Clutch Upgrades

Upgrade Your Clutch to a Performance Enhancement-Based Clutch Kit from Just Autos, Tailored to the Toyota Platform.

Toyota Clutch Upgrades

Transform Your Driving Experience

Just Autos is a main supplier for NPC clutches, which is an Australian-owned and operated business providing clutches that suit high performance 4×4 applications and which also require a high degree of reliability. NPC starts off with a standard premium quality clutch plate and pressure plate and increases the clamp pressure between 20 to 45% above standard specifications. Combine this increase in clamp pressure with a full faced premium quality clutch disc and a flywheel upgrade to achieve a smooth engagement and, in most cases, without extra pedal effort, which means a nice light touch. This style of clutch is ideal for Toyota owners: 4 x 4 enthusiasts, tow vehicles, touring vehicles, commercial vehicles and modified 4×4s for daily use.

Toyota Diesel Performance Clutch Upgrades

Maximise Your Toyota's Performance

Most Toyota diesel owners check off the flashier upgrades first, and not many consider upgrading their clutch. Upgrading your Toyota’s clutch to a performance clutch kit like those we offer at Just Autos offers substantial performance and driveability benefits you may not have considered before.

Performance clutches are better suited to diesel engines that have already had some tuning or modification done. Made of high-quality materials, performance clutches are durable, long-lasting, and transmit higher power levels than factory clutch kits.

What’s more, an upgraded clutch works well at high temperatures and boasts superior holding power, meaning a smoother and more controlled ride for you!

Chat to our team to find out what performance clutch kits we can offer for your specific Toyota model.

Toyota VDJ Clutch Upgrades

Just Auto’s clutches consist of high-quality engineered components designed to withstand the toughest conditions for off roaders all around the world.

High quality temperature and load resistant release bearings have been designed specifically for use in all applications. The high quality GCR15 alloyed steel used in these release bearings is designed to prevent wear and hold increased operation temperature and force.  The Nitrite rubber seals along with the high temperature bearing grease keep any containments and moisture out.

Friction materials used on Just Auto’s VDJ clutch kits are a high-quality matrix of resin, glass fibres and copper woven together to produce a highly burst resistant friction material with high fade resistance. Double drill patterns are used in some applications to increase burst strength further and increase reliability.

VDJ Clutch Pressure Plates & Flywheels

All performance pressure plates have high quality QT450-10 Nodular ductile cast iron pressure plate castings. These high-quality castings are thermally resistant in order to prevent deformation or cracking in high thermal loading conditions. The burst resistance of these castings is much higher than grey cast iron that can be dangerous in high thermal loading conditions at high rpm.

Replacement flywheels are made from Nodular QT450-10 cast Iron with heat treated ring gears or in some cases 4140 Chromoly with a one-piece ring gear. Both materials provide a high strength wear resistant fiction surface that can be re-surfaced and re-used multiple times. Where applicable different flywheel masses may be offered to cater for different driving conditions.

VDJ Clutch Pilot Bearings

Toyota’s own brand of high-quality pilot bearings and bushes are supplied to ensure that nothing is missed when fitting a new kit. Bushes are made from sintered porous oil impregnated materials where pilot bearings used GCR15 alloy steel and NBR seals to keep contamination out for a long life.

All pressure plate and flywheel bolts are specifically made as improvements over factory bolts. All bolts are 12.9 grade or equivalent and offered as replacement options or parts of kits where necessary.

Better Engine Efficiency

There is nothing worse than being starved of power! Diesel performance tuning removes the limitations set by the manufacturer, allows for better fuel economy as well as better torque and power outputs from your engine.

Improved Fuel Economy

Saving money at the servo is always a win. Diesel performance tuning improves your mileage as well as fuel economy. This also greatly reduces the impact your vehicle has on the environment by reducing the amount of harmful emissions it produces.

Greater Driveability

Custom diesel performance tuning is always offered by our expert tuners at Just Autos. This added power improves your driving experience by reducing lag and giving you that little bit of extra power, exactly when you need it.

Top 3 Toyota Upgrades for Improved Fuel Economy - Just Autos diesel performance technician working on Toyota

The Advantages of Tuning Your Toyota

Consider The Benefits of Diesel Performance Tuning

For the most part, Toyota’s diesel engines are worker engines. They are great for towing trailers and caravans; perfect to go off road with; and they are ideal for transporting large loads.

You may notice poor acceleration or throttle response, that your vehicle struggles under a load or when towing, or even that ‘city driving’ throws any fuel economy you had out the window. With diesel performance tuning, it is possible to remove these issues. You can fine tune your engine to be as rugged and powerful as it was meant to!

Toyota Diesel Performance Experts

Toyota Clutch Upgrades FAQs

A lot of the times the clutches supplied by NPC will hold large amounts of torque without increasing pedal effort, however in some cases a small amount of extra pedal effort is required to increase the clamping pressure of the clutch assembly.

NPC performance warrants most of their clutches for 1 year or 20,000km

NPC clutches have a fully catered factory which can custom build any clutch required for your application. NPC has already designed clutches for all the light vehicle 4×4 market and are ever increasing their range

No, however with the increase in torque usually provided by a Just Autos custom ECU remap and performance package it is advised that the clutch be changed to suit the torque increase. Some brans of clutches will suit the increase but are on the limit of what they can handle, if you have any questions regarding if your clutch will suit your goals for the car please feel free to give on of our high qualified staff members

Just Autos Diesel Performance

Upgrade and Performance Experts

As Australia’s premier Toyota  common rail and turbodiesel experts, vehicle owners across Queensland, interstate and even internationally bring their high-performance diesel vehicles exclusively to our workshop.

Our entire team, headed by Matt Smith, is committed to meeting those needs and providing the best service in the diesel performance tuning and the automotive mechanical industry. As a result, a high percentage of our local, interstate and international business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Own a Toyota diesel? Get in touch with our team for quality performance upgrades and great customer service.

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