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Eliminate Any Dusting Issues and Ensure Engine and Turbo Longevity with Just Autos Airbox and Intercooler Upgrades.

Upgrade Your Toyota

Toyota Airbox and Intercooler Upgrades

Just Autos can provide a wide range of airbox upgrades to assist in improving airflow efficiency and filtration in your engine. We can also assist with part upgrades and replacements to promote engine health and efficiency: airboxes can quickly become blocked up and experience dusting issues, which negatively influences engine performance. With our help, you can avoid premature engine and turbo wear. 

We’ve partnered with a number of popular, top-tier aftermarket and automotive brands to deliver quality upgrades for your Toyota diesel. As any diesel owner knows, cooling and airflow into the engine are critical in ensuring optimal performance from your vehicle. That’s why we offer a selection of front- and top-mounted intercoolers. We can also retain factory intercoolers and partner it with our own intercooler fan kit, helping your engine stay cool in any condition.

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Toyota Airbox Upgrades

Why do we replace airboxes?

Some airboxes from the factory are capable of providing the necessary airflow for most aftermarket upgrades and filtration requirements, but when upgrading turbochargers as well, some Toyota owners will need to reconsider their airflow efficiency.

Just Autos advise our customers to retain their factory filters when upgrading their airbox. This is because servicing aftermarket filters can be tricky, and not doing a thorough job means a risk to your engine. 

Why We Retain Factory Filters

Proper sealing has always been an issue with Toyota’s airboxes, and many of their engines – especially the VDJ200 – are exposed to a phenomenon known as ‘dusting’. Dusting occurs when the airbox design allows for dust and other harmful pollutants to get past the seal and wreak havoc on your internal components. 

Dusting can have a dramatic impact on the longevity of your engine, causing irreversible damage to turbochargers, worn cylinder bores, and even piston rings.

Fortunately, Toyota’s airboxes are designed to allow for the replacement of the airbox without further extensive modification. This makes it easier for us to install a new airbox while retaining the factory filter, and no special components are required for the installation.

Just Autos 200 series airbox upgraded

Upgrade Your Toyota's Intercoolers

Intercooler Fan Kits

Upgrading your Toyota’s airflow capabilities are often a necessity when having performance upgrades fitted. In most cases, Toyota’s factory intercooler will be able to handle the increased flow but we recommend installing our own intercooler fan kit to ensure optimal cooling and efficiency. This is often a cheaper option than upgrading to an aftermarket intercooler. It may also be the safer and better option for your Toyota. 

Our airbox upgrades and intercooler fan kits are upgrades that promote engine health and longevity. By increasing oxygen density and reducing heat in the combustion chamber, your engine gets the support it needs to produce power safely and with more efficient combustion. Just Autos intercooler upgrade options will vary between Toyota models, as well as whether they are fitted with a front-mount intercooler, top-mount intercooler, or if it has no intercooler at all.

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Toyota Intercooler Upgrades

Why use front-mounted intercoolers?

Very simply because, heat rises! Top-mounted intercoolers are situated on top of the vehicle’s engine, which means the hotter the engine gets, the hotter the air will be – but a top-mounted intercooler means all the air flows straight into your cooling system.

Consider Front-Mounted Intercoolers

When fitting a front mount intercooler, we can usually achieve a few things: larger surface diameter for intercooler cores, a larger and higher flowing intercooler, and also an intercooler that is getting a large amount of airflow from the front of the vehicle  while being tucked away and protected from the high heat that diesel engines produce.

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