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Maximise Your Prado's Performance and Power Outputs - Just Autos Offer a Range of Diesel Performance Tuning Services and Performance Upgrades.


Model Years - 2006 - 2009


Model Years - 2010 -2015


Model Years - 2016 onwards

Toyota Prado Performance Tuning & Upgrade Kits

Toyota Prado 2.8 & 3.0 Performance Upgrades

Straight from the factory, the Toyota Prado models provide underwhelming performance figures – but it’s nothing Just Autos’ diesel performance tuning services and upgrades can’t fix! We provide various aftermarket and genuine performance upgrade options for the Toyota Prado that deliver torque boosts without sacrificing reliability or other performance aspects, like fuel consumption. 

Here at Just Autos, we have developed a full range of Toyota Prado performance upgrade services for old and new models alike. Our Prado 120 and Prado 150 performance upgrades are custom developed in-house, which enables us to tailor it to you and your vehicle, and provide the best solutions for your requirements. By having your Prado’s performance worked on by our team, you can look forward to a variety of improvements from your engine, including increased power, improved drivability and sharper throttle response.

Our Prado performance upgrades provide an unrivalled driving experience. With our expert technicians and state of the art 2WD and 4WD dynos, you can trust that our service is of the highest quality.

Toyota Prado Diesel Performance

Ramp Up Your Prado's Performance

The Toyota Prado models are some of the most popular vehicles offered by Toyota, providing a high factory torque compared to other models and a high degree of comfort. However, there is always room for improvement with packages designed for a smooth linear gain in torque, to packages capable of rivaling the some of their biggest competitors.

We offer many different performance upgrades available for the Toyota Prado, and different parts can be upgraded for performance enhancement, depending on your needs and requirements. At Just Autos, we strive to provide you with all the facts and information needed to make the best performance upgrade decisions for you and your Prado.

Toyota Prado Performance Tuning

Tune Your Toyota Prado

The Toyota Prado is a popular model, especially amongst towing and touring enthusiasts. Both the 2.8 and 3.0l engines have huge potential for increased power and performance, just waiting to be tapped into!

Just Autos offers a selection of Toyota Prado performance upgrades that can be tailored to your needs. Whether you want more torque, horsepower, or even greater towing ability, we can provide you with the right performance upgrade kit or package.

A custom ECU remap for your 2.8 or 3.0 Toyota Prado can achieve nice gains while still maintaining the factory reliability Toyota is known for. On average, we see around 20-30% gains in torque which we can further increase by increasing your package tier.

Toyota Prado Performance Tuning

Our workshop is fully equipped with a range of high-tech tuning gear and equipment, including our dynos. We have a team of trained, in-house master tuners who are able to write their own ECU remap files. This allows us to completely customise your remap to suit your performance needs. 

Our team will work with you to assess the current state of your engine and your tuning options. We treat each vehicle that enters our workshop individually, giving each engine our undivided attention during the tuning process. Here’s how it works:

Toyota Prado Mods & Upgrades

Just Autos has a range of upgraded exhaust systems including full systems in stainless steel with multiple configurations. We advise giving us a ring to see what exhaust system would best suit your needs. The mandrel-bent design, with our straight-through muffler, eliminates the restrictive factory muffler and exhaust piping, offering a higher flowing, and a deep throaty exhaust note with no annoying drone inside the cab.

When tuning the Prado engine, the factory-fitted exhaust system can be upgraded while carrying out an ECU remap. To see if your vehicle needs an exhaust fitted, please give our team a ring to discuss your needs.

A custom ECU remap on the Toyota Prado can achieve considerable gains in torque while still retaining all factory components and, on average, should deliver around 40-50% gains in torque. More torque can be achieved by upgrading to a custom package, which could include upgraded turbos and intercoolers.

The factory turbo on the Toyota Prado can quickly become inefficient, especially once you start preparing your diesel for an ECU remap. Partnering with GTurbo, we have a range of bolt-on turbo upgrades for the 2.8 and 3.0 Prado diesel platform.

30% Injectors can be custom-built in-house to achieve the fuelling required when upgrading your Toyota Prado to your desired outcome. Most models will require 30% injectors when upgrading the vehicle factory-fitted turbo.

The factory-fitted clutch on the Prado engine is known to fail and slip, but when implementing any of Just Autos custom upgrade packages, the factory clutch will need to be upgraded. We recommend fitting an NPC heavy duty clutch to handle the added gain in torque.

The A340 transmission and A750 transmission that the Toyota Prado comes factory-fitted with, is known to be quite an indecisive gearbox and hesitates between gear changes. Just Autos has a range up upgraded valve bodies which can increase internal pressure inside the gearbox to not only help with shifting between gears but which also reduce slip between gear changes to improve reliability.

Just Autos has a range of intercooler upgrades for the 2.8 and 3.0 Prado engine, ranging from small upgraded top mounts to larger front mounts, depending on the vehicle setup.

Toyota Prado Diesel Performance Experts

Diesel Performance Upgrades & Tuning

Just Autos are Australia’s best common rail diesel and turbodiesel performance experts for the Toyota platform, specialising in in a range of services including ECU remapping, diesel tuning, and Toyota 4×4 and performance upgrades. 

Vehicle owners across Queensland, interstate and even internationally bring their high performance Toyota diesels exclusively to our workshop. 

Our entire team, headed by Matt Smith, is committed to meeting those needs and providing the best service in the diesel performance tuning and the automotive mechanical industry. As a result, a high percentage of our local, interstate and international business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Just Autos Diesel Performance is based in Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Toyota Prado Performance Packages

2007 - 2015 Models

Package 1 for the Toyota Prado can vary depending on the model and transmission fitted to vehicle. On average, we will see around a 20% gain in torque at the wheels with just a custom ECU remap while retaining all factory components.

2016 - 2020 Models

Package 2 for the Toyota Prado offers a full 3” exhaust system coupled with a Just Autos custom ECU remap, which is capable of producing another 30-40% torque gain and, on average, around 175hp and 450nm at the wheels.

2021 + Models

Package 3 is custom-designed to suit your needs and includes a G turbo upgrade, custom injectors, and added options to fit intercoolers, air boxes and other small upgrades to try and get the most efficiency out of your package of choice. 

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