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Enhance the Performance of Your Toyota Diesel with High-Quality Exhaust Upgrades.

Toyota Exhaust Upgrades

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No matter the model, Just Autos have a selection of high-quality exhaust upgrades from a range of top-tier performance brands. A performance exhaust system replaces some, or all, of the original exhaust system your Toyota came with from the factory. Performance exhaust systems are usually wider in diameter, are better structured, and can even completely change the way your car sounds – for the better!

At Just Autos, we supply a wide range of exhaust systems for diesel Toyota vehicles, such as the Land Cruiser range, the Toyota Hilux, and the Toyota Prado. All exhaust systems we provide to our customers are made from high-grade 409 stainless steel and come in a wide range of configurations, from 2.5” to 4”. All of our Toyota exhaust systems come with high-flow catalytic converters and can include high-flow mufflers or smaller resonators, depending on the desired exhaust note and application. Chat to our team today to see what we can do for your Toyota.

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Toyota diesel engines are big, powerful, and hungry for more. Straight from the factory, these engines tend to be tuned to less than they are capable of. This is because manufacturers take into account different driving styles, conditions and environments, and try to tailor their engines to perform under these conditions. This can be said for the car’s other internal components as well – and it means that there is a lot of potential in your engine.

Our experienced team and vast suite of performance upgrades allow us to provide a number of basic and custom performance enhancement services, such as exhaust system upgrades, as well as a large number of other performance upgrades and tuning services for the Toyota platform.

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Three Reasons To Upgrade Your Exhaust System

Better Fuel Economy

Standard exhaust systems are designed for the ‘de-tuned’ factory engine, while aftermarket performance exhaust systems can result in better fuel economy.

Improved Airflow

Most factory-standard exhausts contain distinct bent sections of pipe, which decrease the diameter of the exhaust and can inhibit exhausts gases passing through.

More Power and Torque

The right exhaust system can make a huge difference to power. Upgrading to a performance exhaust system will allow your engine to perform better, resulting in more power and torque.

Aftermarket Performance Exhaust Upgrades

Exhaust Systems and More!

At Just Autos, we can supply and fit a large range of custom exhaust systems and tail pipes for Toyota diesels. 

Just Autos are your local Toyota diesel performance experts. We offer a range of exhaust upgrades and options, including custom exhausts and tail pipes. 

Our expertise can help you make the right choice when upgrading parts or the performance of your Toyota vehicle, and our goal is to make your performance dreams come true!

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Exhaust Upgrade FAQs

Toyota Diesel Performance Exhaust Upgrades

Upgrading the standard exhaust system on your Toyota diesel engine to an aftermarket performance system can improve power and torque outputs, fuel economy, and performance. We can supply a wide array of exhaust systems to cater for sound requirements and desired note from the vehicle. Most systems fitted at Just Autos are supplied with a high flow catalytic converter and a muffler from standard to achieve an efficient exhaust flow while still retaining a mild note when needed – but with minimal drone. 

All our systems as in the pipe work are made out of a 409-grade exhaust grade stainless steel. This a very pliable metal that accommodates the extreme change in temperature seen in systems of exhaust. This prevents cracking. The muffler casings are a 304-grade stainless steel. Internal perforated tube is stainless steel with a stainless-steel wool wrapped around the perforated tube to protect the fibreglass packing in the muffler.

We fit it aftermarket to improve the flow of the gasses expelled from the turbocharger assembly when tuning. Running higher boost pressures and increased fuelling will increase temperatures inside the exhaust manifold and turbocharger assembly. Having a larger free-flowing system of exhaust will help in aiding the removal of this extra heat when tuning a diesel vehicle.

When tuning a wide majority of vehicles an aftermarket exhaust is required to tune the vehicle efficiently, the factory system of exhaust has restrictive mufflers and bends which can decrease the exhaust flow and restrict the amount of torque and power we can achieve efficiently.

Most common rail vehicles require to be tuned once having an aftermarket exhaust fitted to fully utilise the gains that can be achieved, in some cases when fitting an aftermarket exhaust you can have issues with sending your vehicle into limp mode caused by a freeing flowing exhaust which causes the turbo to spike above your factory ECU’s desired boost limit.

Depending on the model of vehicle most exhaust upgrades alone can see up to a 5% increase in power and torque.

Many factors come into play when it comes to making a great system of exhaust, high flow mufflers and mandrel bends will help with exhaust flow, 409 stainless exhaust will help with overcoming rust holes developing in your exhaust system and is a very pliable metal that accommodates the extreme change in temperature seen in it. This prevents cracking.

Most systems of exhaust will discolour over time, some will even develop surface rust. We recommend washing the full under carriage of your vehicle down regularly to prevent surface rust developing and getting the best life out of your exhaust system.

An exhaust alone will achieve a small % gain in torque and power, but when coupled with a Just Autos custom ECU remap, you can expect a sizable % gain over factory figures.

The 79 series Landcruiser exhaust can come in many sizes but 3” or 4” are the most popular systems, saying that 3” and 4” will still see the same results for power when using a factory turbo but will produce vastly different sounds when under load. When fitting an upgraded turbo from G Turbo a 4” exhaust is required to be port matched with the rear exhaust outlet of most G turbos.

Stainless steel exhausts will provide a longer lasting exhaust system while also preventing the system from rusting out over a long period of time, we recommend fitting a stainless exhaust system when touring to prevent failure while out and about

Most diesel vehicles require mufflers to comply with ADR standards.

Cat back exhaust are quite cheap because they leave the restrictive factory catalytic converter and dump pipe in place but replace the rest of the system, re recommend replacing the exhaust from the turbo back to achieve a more efficient exhaust flow.

Stainless exhaust can discolour and develop surface rust over time, we recommend cleaning down your exhaust regularly to prevent this from happening however if this does occur a good quality metal polish and stainless-steel wool will clean this right up.

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Diesel Performance Exhaust Upgrades

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