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Looking for Quality Performance Mods and Upgrades for Your Toyota Diesel? We Can Help!

Toyota Mods and Vehicle Upgrades

Diesel Performance Modifications & Upgrades

Just Autos can provide a wide range of vehicle upgrades designed for touring which includes anything from performance packages, exhaust upgrades, transmission cooler upgrades, secondary fuel filters and catch cans, transmission lock up kits and so much more.

When it comes to upgrading the performance of your Toyota, one size doesn’t fit all. Every diesel is different, and each one needs a unique approach when it comes to upgrading its performance. For example, if you have a huge 4WD Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser with high torque and low power, then you might need to go for different upgrades than someone who drives a Toyota Hilux with more power and worse fuel economy.

Our diesel experts can help you choose the right parts and modifications for your car, so that you get the most out of them every day.

4x4 Upgrades

Airbox & Intercoolers

Exhaust Systems


Performance Upgrades and Modifications

Performance Upgrade Options to Suit Your Toyota

At Just Autos, we’re experts in diesel performance – so if you have any questions about upgrading your Toyota, or want some tailored advice, come and talk to us! We can help you find the perfect parts and modifications for your needs, whether you’re looking for more power and torque or better fuel economy.

Towing & Touring

Take your towing and touring experience to the next level with our 4x4 mods and upgrade kits.

Turbo & Injectors

A healthy diesel engine gets plenty of air and just the right amount of fuel!

Transmission Lock-up Kits

Driving off-road? Towing a trailer or caravan? Your auto needs our transmission lock-up kit!

Our workshop is here to deliver a vehicle upgrade solution that is suited to your needs. The Just Autos team prioritise customer satisfaction and safety, above all else. Chat to our friendly team today.

Towing & Touring

Transmission Lock-up Kits

Turbo & Injectors

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