4X4 Upgrades

Improve your Toyota's performance on and off-road.

whether you’re towing a caravan or driving up the beach, we have a range of upgrades to give you more power, better fuel economy and improved drivability.

Toyota 4x4 Upgrades

4X4 Performance Upgrades and Tuning

Reveal your 4X4’s true potential with performance upgrades from Just Autos.

Just Autos are your local Toyota 4X4 performance experts, offering a variety of 4×4 mods, towing and touring upgrades, and diesel performance upgrade kits. Most modifications fitted to your vehicle will only help in certain off-road driving situations, but our experts can help you develop a performance setup that’s ideal for on-road towing and touring as well as off-road 4WD fun!

We recommend trying to avoid extensive modifications, which means custom parts replacing factory standard components when out touring. When installing our performance packages into any Toyota engine, we use factory-location components, which means there are fewer areas for failure and it is easier to find parts if something were to ever go wrong. All of our performance upgrades are factory replacement parts that don’t require any custom fabrication, which reduces/eliminates the chance for failures or fitment issues.

However, with our expertise and wide range of upgrade options, we’re sure to have something suitable for your specific off-road or towing/touring driving requirements. Chat to the team to book your Toyota into our workshop!

Queensland's 4X4 Performance Experts

Get the Most Out of Your 4X4 Toyota

Our experienced team can offer you a variety of performance upgrades for your 4X4, as well as diesel tuning services, that could greatly enhance your driving experience for all driving environments: off-road and on-road towing and touring.

We can even help identify opportunities to lower the running cost of your vehicle, helping you cut back on maintenance and fuel expenses.

Toyota 4x4 Diesel Performance Experts

Ramp Up Your Performance Today

Local 4X4 Performance Tuning and Upgrades

Peak Performance for Your Diesel 4X4

At Just Autos, we can provide a wide range of services – ranging from pre-trip inspections, and advice for touring (what to bring with you for spares) while providing all your upgrades to get you where you need to go safely and efficiently. Our experts can also provide a diesel health check to ensure injector and DPF conditions are all right, prior to any performance upgrades being carried out.

With over 15 years of experience with getting Toyota 4x4s set up and ready for any touring style, cape trips, doing the lap around Australia, or taking your camper out with the family on the weekend, we have you covered.

4x4 Performance Experts Offering a Range of Upgrade Options

4WD Tuning uses a dyno or dynameter, which is a tool used for measuring the power, torque and rotational speed of your engine. The dyno simulates different road conditions in a controlled environment which gives the operator the ability to monitor a range of different variables, from air/fuel ratios to boost levels, to carry out your tune in a safe manner.

Our dyno technicians, doing your 4WD tuning, can diagnose and assess various engine functions and problems in order to gauge if any improvements can be made. Using this information, they can adjust various settings to improve your engine and bring it to its full potential.

  • We connect your vehicle to our test equipment which reads:
    • Air fuel ratio
    • Boost pressure
    • Tacho speed & RPM
    • & Much more
  • Your vehicle is run on our 4WD dyno. This tool simulates various road conditions so our technicians can do a readout of your vehicle’s performance prior to tuning, allowing for a comparison of the before and after results.
  • Our technicians will adjust and change various components of your vehicle to allow for optimal performance.
  • Your vehicle is run on the dyno again giving us an after-tune read out to compare results to.

There is no ideal vehicle for touring, but there will be a vehicle best suited for your needs, the weight you’re towing, and your budget. If you have any questions about what vehicle you should buy for your needs book in a time to have a conversation with one of our staff members.

Just Autos can assist with a range of useful upgrades to bolster the performance of your 4×4 when driving off-road, including:

  • Transmission converter lock-up kits
  • Turbo and injector upgrades 
  • Clutch upgrades 
  • Airbox and intercooler upgrades


Other modifications you can consider are:

  • Lift kit
  • Bull bar
  • Long range fuel tank
  • All terrain or mud terrain tires
  • Paper maps or Hema maps
  • Snorkel
  • Awning
  • Roof rack and/or canopy
  • Electric Winch (use it once and it pays for itself)
  • Dual batteries
  • Fridge/freezer (requires dual battery set up)
  • Roof top tent
  • On board water tank
  • UHF radio
  • Extra spare wheel (6 wheels in total)
  • Solar panel
  • Bash plates (under body protection)

Torque converter lock-up kits are fitted to Toyotas with automatic transmissions to help improve fuel economy and transmission temperatures. When a vehicle’s torque converter is “flaring” to generate torque, it’s also generating a lot of heat which can cause the vehicle’s automatic transmission light to come on when towing and put the vehicle into limp mode.

With a torque converter lock-up kit fitted, we can improve the efficiency of the transmission and keep temperatures down- while also gaining a nice driving experience!

What Our Customers Have to Say

How We Can Improve Your Toyota 4X4's Performance

Greater Torque & Power

4×4 performance tuning removes the limitations set by the manufacturer, and allows for better torque and power outputs from your engine.

Increased Fuel Economy

4×4 performance tuning removes the limitations set by the manufacturer, and allows for better torque and power outputs from your engine.

4X4 Performance Parts

We have a large variety of part upgrade choices, for a selection of different Toyota models. Get in touch for more info or visit our workshop in Nambour.

Toyota 4x4 Performance Services

Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser

The 200 Series Land Cruiser platform is one of Australia’s most sought-after tow vehicles with high outputs in torque, high comfort, and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

We offer upgrades designed for touring and towing, which means improving the drivability and torque while improving efficiency as well. We also have upgrades for the die-hard performance enthusiast with packages capable of making over 350hp at all 4 wheels and over 1000nm of torque. DPF options are available.

Toyota 70 Series Land Cruiser

Anyone who owns a 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser knows that the power output is something to be worked on – with only 145hp and 350nm at the wheels, it’s no better than the majority of light vehicle 4wds on the market with smaller capacity engines.

At Just Autos we can change that disappointing output figure into something that can be capable of towing heavy loads without even stressing the engine, with base packages producing over 200hp and 650nm at the wheels we have every option covered for your 70 series. DPF options are available.

Toyota Hilux and Prado Tuning & Upgrades

With over 15 years of experience and knowledge on the Toyota platform, we have multiple options for the 3.0 1KD and also the 2.8 1GD Prado and Hilux engines.

We have packages available for every person in mind, with a full touring setup to improve towing efficiency and torque, to a full package capable of making well into the 300hp. DPF options are available.

Toyota ECU Remapping

Just Autos have the master tuning hardware and software required to complete custom remaps of the factory ECU (Engine Control Unit) in your Toyota, specific to your model and spec. 

The Just Autos custom remap is performed via the ODB diagnostic port. This means that your ECU does not need to be removed or tampered with.

Toyota 4x4 Performance

Upgrade and Performance Experts

As Australia’s premier Toyota common rail and turbodiesel experts, vehicle owners across Queensland, interstate and even internationally bring their high-performance diesel vehicles exclusively to our workshop.

Just Autos Diesel Performance is based in Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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