3.0 Hilux & Prado Upgrades

Achieve Massive Torque and Power Gains with Just Autos' Custom ECU Tuning and Performance Upgrades for the 3.0 Hilux and Prado Models.

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Achieve True Power Capabilities

The Toyota Hilux and Prado 3.0 come with disappointing power figures from the factory, but they’re nothing Just Autos’ custom ECU tuning can’t fix! Just Autos also offers a range of enhancements for both the Toyota Hilux 3.0 and Prado 3.0 that provide massive torque increases while maintaining dependability and other performance aspects like fuel consumption.

The Toyota 3.0 Prado and Hilux vehicles have a lot of power, but the engines were de-tuned and provide poor returns at stock form while emitting far too much pollution! You can fix that problem with Just Autos’ custom ECU tuning and performance packages for these models, which bolsters torque without sacrificing fuel efficiency or emissions levels – so you can fully utilize your SUV’s power, without having to put your foot down just for the sake of saving money!

Maximise Your Performance

A custom ECU remap on the 3.0 platform can achieve considerable gains in torque while still retaining all factory components and, on average, should provide around 40-50% gains in torque. Even more torque can be achieved by upgrading to a custom package, which could include upgraded turbos, Injectors, intercoolers, and much more.

3.0 Toyota Hilux & Prado Performance Packages

Unleash your performance potentials.  Experience performance like never before.

How We Can Improve Your Hliux or Prado's Performance

3 Ways ECU Tuning Changes Your Performance - close up of a car engine

Package 1

Package 1 for the Hilux/Prado can vary depending on model and the transmission type fitted to the vehicle, but on average we will see around a 50% gain in torque at the wheels. Hilux and Prado models with manual transmissions will need a heavy-duty clutch replacement, while the automatic transmission models will benefit from having an upgraded valve body to help with shifting between gears, which can be indecisive in the A350 and A750 transmissions models.

3 Ways ECU Tuning Changes Your Performance - close up of a car engine

Package 2

Package 2 is designed for the tourer in mind – a Grunter turbo and 30% injectors. Low down torque is what this package is designed for! Usually, figures push around 220hp and 550nm, which starts to rival the torque and power of some of the larger Toyota models.

3 Ways ECU Tuning Changes Your Performance - close up of a car engine

Package 3

Package 3 is similar to Package 2, but is ideal for a Toyota owner really looking to put the pedal to the metal – a driver that doesn’t just want their engines to perform, they want them to exceed expectation! The package usually includes a stage 2 or 3 G Turbo, depending on transmission fitted to the vehicle, and provides power output figures of, on average, around 250hp and 650-700nm.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Upgrade Your 3.0 Hilux or Prado's Performance

Here's Why You Should Upgrade Your 3.0 Toyota Hilux or Prado

The Hilux and Prado models ire some of the most popular vehicles offered by Toyota, providing a high factory torque compared to other models and a high degree of comfort. However, there is always room for improvement with packages designed for a smooth linear gain in torque, to packages capable of rivaling the some of their biggest competitors.

There are many different performance upgrades available for either model, and different parts can be upgraded for performance enhancement, depending on your needs and requirements. However, it is important to decide what you want upgraded and what would work best for you and your vehicle. This decision should never be taken lightly because tuning your vehicle may change your vehicle’s characteristics considerably. Thus, expert performance advice is essential. At Just Autos, we strive to provide you with all the facts and information needed to make the best performance upgrade decisions for you and your Hilux/Prado.

Exhaust Upgrades

When tuning the 3.0 engine in factory form, the exhaust system fitted to the vehicle from stock can be utilised while carrying out an ECU remap. To see if your 3.0 needs an exhaust fitted please give our team a ring to discuss your needs.

Intercooler Upgrades

Just Autos has a range of intercooler upgrades for the 3.0 engine, ranging from small upgraded top mounts to larger front mounts, depending on the vehicle setup.

Injector Upgrades

30% Injectors can be custom-built, in-house to achieve the fuelling required when upgrading the vehicle to your desired outcome. Most models will require 30% injectors when upgrading the vehicle factory fitted turbo.

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Trust the Diesel Experts

Here at Just Autos Diesel Performance, we have developed a full range of Hilux and Prado performance upgrade services for old and new models alike. Hilux and Prado performance upgrades are custom developed in-house, which enables us to tailor it to you and your vehicle, and provide the best solutions for your requirements.

Our technicians at Just Autos will provide a whole range of benefits including increased power, improved drivability and sharper throttle response. Our Hilux and Prado performance upgrades provide an unrivaled driving experience. With our expert technicians and state of the art 2WD and 4WD dynos, you can trust that our service is of the highest quality.

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