Why You Should Clean Your Intake Manifold

July 23, 2021

Carbon build-up is a common problem in engines. Over time, important parts within your intake manifold can become coated in soot, which can negatively affect the performance of your vehicle.

It is important to clean your intake manifold properly, as the air it provides your engine is key to performance, economy, and efficiency. A dirty intake manifold can also allow harmful particles into your engine, potentially causing untold, irreparable damage.

Although aerosol intake cleaners are widely available and simple to use at home, they are ineffective against much of the dirt, grime, and soot that builds up along your system. Effective cleaning requires removing the manifold completely – and here’s why…

Removing the Manifold When Cleaning Your Intake

The air intake is responsible for bringing air into your engine. This air is filtered and distributed to important parts of the engine, keeping it cool and running smoothly. If this airway becomes clogged with soot, carbon deposits, or other obstructions, it can quickly inhibit the performance and health of your engine.

Regardless of the emissions control system used, carbon build-up will occur, and although fuel additive detergents can help, they still cannot prevent a build-up from happening. This is why you should try to clean your intake manifold regularly – and properly.

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DIY aerosol sprays are considerably cheap, easily available, and simple to use. However, they are not nearly effective enough to properly clean your intake.

Removing the manifold entirely is the only way to ensure you have eliminated all traces of carbon materials and other harmful contaminants that could damage your engine. Aerosol sprays restrict the cleaning area, making the whole process much less effective than having your intake cleaned professionally.

Why You Should Clean Your Intake Manifold

Benefits of Regular Intake Manifold Cleaning

Regular, professional intake cleaning is not just healthy for your engine, it also offers a variety of benefits, such as improved performance, increased economy, and a better drive! This important cleaning process removes dirt from the intake manifold, throttle valve, and carburetor (on older) parts of the vehicle.

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Increase Fuel Economy and Performance

Carbon build-up can occur in valves, ports, on cylinder walls, or within the combustion chamber, and it will eventually impede the performance of your vehicle. Removing this carbon will result in improved acceleration and performance.

By improving the performance of your car, you directly improve fuel economy and can enjoy longer periods between trips to the pumps.

Stop Engine Knock

Engine knock can quickly progress into serious damage on your cylinder walls and pistons, which can be extremely costly to repair. Properly cleaning your intake manifold, by removing it from the engine, will ensure that all parts are working optimally and altogether stop engine knock.

Prevent Engine Damage

The most important reason to regularly clean your intake manifold is to prevent damage from occurring to your engine. Even minuscule particles can wreak havoc on your components, making repair impossible.

The simplest way to prevent this from happening is by ensuring your intake manifold and filters are always clean.

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