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Most diesel owners know that, when they buy a new diesel vehicle, it probably won’t deliver the full performance of which it is capable. Manufacturers are highly conservative with engine outputs, which can leave a lot to be desired. 

Diesel tuning has enabled professional tuners like Just Autos to make alterations to the way your vehicle operates, helping it achieve more power and torque without compromising on reliability, safety, or fuel economy.

Just Autos are your local diesel tuners, offering a variety of upgrade packages and individual upgrade options for Toyota models. Call today! 

Diesel Performance


Your Toyota Performance Specialists

Unleash the power potential in your Toyota’s engine with our range of custom performance tuning services and variety of vehicle upgrades, mods and more!

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Achieve Greater Engine Power

Does Your Toyota Need Diesel Tuning?

Toyota engines have come a long way in recent years and the popularity of diesel performance is on the rise. These engines already offer impressive torque and power off the factory floor, but with some basic modifications, by professional diesel tuners, the results are astounding! The amount of extra performance you gain will depend on your specific Toyota model and when it was manufactured.

Diesel engines are built to withstand higher levels of stress and make the ideal candidate for diesel tuning at little expense. Carefully selected changes to later-model diesel engines can reap remarkable rewards. At Just Autos, we will have a diesel tuning solution that will suit you and your Toyota.

Diesel Tuning Services

Local Diesel & Dyno Tuning

Just Autos are diesel tuners that prioritise safety and customer satisfaction.

Our main focus is to provide a vehicle that’s safe and reliable to drive every day while still providing a substantial torque gain. This means you can take your vehicle out touring with the performance it needs while retaining high reliability and without compromising on safety. 

Call Just Autos to discuss your specific performance needs in more depth. Our Toyota experts are happy to help!

Toyota Diesel Performance Specialists

Toyota Vehicles We Specialise In

Turbocharged Toyota diesel engines that use electronic management systems are the best candidates for tuning. The reason for this has to do with how manufacturers limit performance. Most use the vehicle’s factory ECU, not engine engineering or the design of the engine, to reduce output, making extracting the full power surprisingly simple.

Modern Toyota engines are the best candidates for upgrades. Newer models have more points of adjustments for fuel and timing per cylinder than older varieties. And they provide you with the type of mapping changes that will have a real-world impact on performance. The engine control unit or “ECU” is also more accessible than on previous-generation cars. Mechanics can hook up their software to these computers and make changes to the engine through a series of reversible firmware updates.

300 Series Land Cruiser

Like the 70, 100 and 200 Series before it, the 300 Series comes significantly under-tuned straight from the factory. This means that there are a wide range of upgrades available to the vehicle. This includes performance enhancement opportunities through ECU remappingdyno tuning and performance part upgrades.

Toyota 4WD Experts Just Autos

200 Series Land Cruiser

The 200 series Landcruiser platform is one of Australia’s most sought-after tow vehicles, with high outputs in torque, superior comfort and a 6-speed automatic transmission. We have upgrades for performance enthusiasts with packages capable of achieving over 350hp at all 4 wheels and over 1000nm of torque. DPF options are available.
70 Series Landcruiser

70 Series Land Cruiser

The 70 Series Landcruiser is notoriously under-powered at factory settings. With only 145hp and 350nm at the wheels, it’s no better than the majority of light vehicle 4WDs on the market with smaller capacity engines. We have a range of upgrade options – our base upgrade packages produce over 200hp and 650nm at the wheels. DPF options are available.
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Toyota Hilux

With over 10 years of experience and knowledge on the Toyota platform, we have multiple options for the 3.0 1KD and also the 2.8 1GD Hilux engine. We have a variety of packages available for the Toyota Hilux, with a full touring setup to improve towing efficiency and torque, as well as power increases of over 300hp. DPF options are available.

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Toyota Prado

We have multiple options for the 3.0 1KD and also the 2.8 1GD Prado engine. We have a variety of packages available for the Toyota Prado, with a full touring setup to improve towing efficiency and torque, as well as power increases of over 300hp. DPF options are available.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Performance Diesel Tuning

Diesel Tuning Charts & Performance Modification Results

Below are some examples of our client’s diesel dyno tuning charts.  Just Autos have all the latest performance tuning tech and can perform most types of diesel engine customisations including Turbos, ECU remapping, engine chip reflashing, ECU tuning, and performance modifications.

Our team is highly experienced in diesel performance and dyno tuning.  While many of our customers come from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, others travel from far and wide to take advantage of our expertise and mechanical skills.

While we will try to update our website with the latest tune charts, we post more often on our Facebook Page. Be sure to check it out and follow us for all the latest info and happenings here at Just Autos.

Just Autos Diesel Performance

Diesel Tuning That Delivers Results

Tune Your Toyota

Diesel Tuning FAQs

ECU remapping is the process of changing the standard ‘map’ parameters set by the vehicle manufacturer.

An ECU, or engine control unit, is the ‘brain’ of your car. It stores programs called ‘maps’ which tell the injectors how much fuel to supply to your engine, amongst other things. You can adjust these base parameters to achieve a range of desired results, such as greater fuel efficiency, power or torque.

Manipulating the ECU requires experience and training, and should always be done by a professional.

When done correctly, ECU remapping is an entirely safe process with great results. Professional tuners like Just Autos ensures that the safety settings controlled by your ECU are retained and remain in place after mapping.

Technically, any sort of modification or performance enhancements on vehicles can invalidate some or all of a manufacturer’s warranty. Although no physical changes are made to your ECU, the standard map settings can be overwritten or lost and pose a problem when returning to a dealer for a service.

Dyno tuning uses a dynamometer, or dyno, which is used to measure the power, torque, and rotational speed of your engine. The dyno simulates different road conditions in a controlled environment which gives the operator the ability to monitor a range of different variables: from air/fuel ratios, to inlet air temperatures.

Our expert technicians conducting your diesel performance tuning can diagnose and assess various engine functions and problems in order to determine if any improvements can be made. Armed with this information, they can adjust various settings to improve your engine and bring it to its full performance potential.

Each vehicle is custom-tuned at our Nambour workshop to your specifications, but the process remains the same.

1. We connect your vehicle to our test equipment which reads:

  • Air fuel ratio
  • Boost pressure
  • Tacho speed & RPM
  • & Much more

2. Your vehicle is run on our dyno. This tool simulates various road conditions so our technicians can do a readout of your vehicle’s performance prior to tuning, allowing for a comparison of the before and after results.

3. Our technicians will adjust and change various components of your vehicle to allow for optimal performance.

4. Your vehicle is run on the dyno again giving us an after-tune readout to compare results to.

At Just Autos, our dyno tuners are trained, knowledgeable and are experts at what they do. Our staff are happy to answer any questions and queries you have ensuring you get all the facts and information you need to make the best decisions for your dyno tuning needs.

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Unleash the power potential in your Toyota’s engine with our range of custom performance tuning services and variety of vehicle upgrades, mods and more!