5 Ways to Boost Diesel Engine Performance

October 12, 2021

Owning a diesel is great: they offer superior power and torque that make them perfect for towing, they’re usually more economic on fuel consumption than their petrol counterparts, and they offer a fun and responsive driving experience. Often more expensive than petrol cars, buying a diesel can be considered an investment, so it makes sense that you would want to get the most out of it.

Diesel upgrades and performance enhancements come in many forms: part upgrades and modifications, aftermarket products, and engine tuning. With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing to select an upgrade option that will deliver the greatest results.

Here are five ways to boost the performance of your diesel engine…

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#5 – Upgrade Your Exhaust System

Exhaust systems are crucial to any engine, but not many car owners realise how much of an impact the right exhaust system can make to the performance of your engine. Upgrading to a performance exhaust system will allow your engine to perform better, resulting in more power and torque.

One of the most important elements a diesel engine needs to perform well is airflow. Most factory-standard exhausts contain distinct bent sections of pipe, which decrease the diameter of the exhaust and can inhibit exhausts gases passing through.

Performance exhaust systems maintain a constant diameter to ensure as much consistent airflow as possible. The amount of air your engine receives has a direct impact on its power outputs, which is why aftermarket exhaust systems improve power. Aftermarket systems help free up power in the engine, giving you the added boost and torque you are looking for.

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#4 – Fuelling the Power with Quality Injectors

From a performance perspective, it’s easy to understand why power and performance enthusiasts choose ‘bigger’ upgrades as a means of increasing outputs from their engine more quickly. But don’t underestimate what replacing the stock fuel injectors on your car can do for your performance:

  • Improved fuel supply to the engine
  • Reduced issues with the turbo
  • Fewer implications caused by heat soak
  • Increased resistance to fuel pressure
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced risk of mechanical failure and breakdown
  • Reduced emission levels

When your engine is receiving a boost from the turbo at higher rpms, it will need all the fuel it can get to function properly. If your injectors are blocked, dirty, or otherwise restricted, the fuel mixture can become uneven and result in premature detonation as well as higher exhaust temperatures – and even turbo failure.

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#3 – Choose a Performance Turbocharger

The main reason to upgrade your standard turbo is for the huge power increase potential. Turbochargers produce more power with every stroke of your engine’s pistons, and an upgraded turbo will produce more power within the same engine, making it an effective performance upgrade. Turbochargers also increase torque, particularly at low revs, as well as reduce emissions.

Upgrading your turbocharger also offers great fuel economy benefits. Diesel engines are already considerably efficient – more so than petrol engines – and a turbocharger amplifies this. Matching the right turbocharger upgrade with your engine can help you cut back on fuel costs and see your engine use fuel more efficiently.

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#2 – Choose an All-in-One Performance Upgrade Package

One of the best ways to boost your turbo diesel’s power is with a performance upgrade package. This takes a holistic approach to enhancing your vehicle’s engine and utilises all available tools to do so. Additionally, you may upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust and clutch systems, turbo and injectors, or even your airbox and intercooler, which is often recommended to see the greatest improvement in gains for torque and power. Some of these components may be recommended to improve the reliability and safety of your vehicle.

There are various performance packages to choose from at Just Autos. We tailor our performance upgrade packages to suit your needs!

#1 – Remap Your ECU

Modern turbocharged diesel engines have an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which contains a processor that receives information from various sensors throughout the engine. The ECU reads information such as engine temperature, oxygen content within exhaust gases, and many other parameters.

Changing the factory ECU settings can bolster your diesel’s performance significantly, offering great benefits you shouldn’t ignore:

  •  More torque
  • More horsepower
  • Remove flat spots
  • Smoother driving experience
  • Better fuel economy

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Trust the Diesel Performance Experts

When it comes to making changes to the performance and functionality of your diesel engine, always be sure to entrust it to an experienced and qualified performance enhancement expert. This ensures that all changes still meet industry regulations, gives you peace of mind, and allows you to enjoy the increased power your engine puts out without fear of breakdowns.

Just Autos are the Sunshine Coast’s most trusted and reliable diesel performance experts. Our team has years of experience in working on diesel engines and can not only help you achieve greater performance but also help you ensure your diesel engine is working optimally and healthily! Contact us today for personalised service.

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