Benefits of Upgrading Your Common Rail Diesel Fuel Injectors

September 21, 2021

As the part responsible for delivering fuel to your engine, it’s no surprise that fuel injectors play an important role in the performance of your vehicle. Stock standard fuel injectors work well enough in delivering optimum amounts of fuel to your engine, based on factory settings – which are usually set at lower levels of performance than what you might want for your turbo diesel. And this is why the benefits of upgrading your common rail diesel fuel injectors simply cannot be ignored!

If you are looking for greater horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency in your diesel, you may want to consider swapping out your stock fuel injectors for performance alternatives. Here’s why…

What is a Fuel Injector Upgrade?

Like any part upgrade, a fuel injector upgrade consists of replacing the factory-fitted fuel injectors in your engine with performance alternatives that are capable of providing a higher fuel flow rate. High-quality common rail fuel injectors are essential for delivering a controlled quantity of atomised fuel to the engine, leading to better fuel economy, increased torque and power, and a reduction in exhaust fumes.

The fuel injectors you use will have a direct impact on the performance of your engine. So, if you want more power output from your turbo diesel, you need to provide it with more fuel!

Why Replace Stock Fuel Injectors?

There are other performance modification options that can deliver increases in power, torque, and responsiveness – such as ECU remapping, which changes the way your car’s ‘brain’ manages engine functions. But more often than not, it’s best to accommodate the changes with performance parts that can keep up.

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Remapping your ECU to bring about changes in fuel use and power without changing factory standard parts can see those parts wear out much faster than normal. This is because they were not built for maximum performance outputs – instead, vehicle manufacturers ensure that their parts are suitable for any type of driver, thereby extending the longevity of stock standard parts.

The best way to ensure that your engine’s performance improves without being at the cost of engine components is to partner any changes to the vehicle’s functionality with parts that can match the increased outputs.

Stock Fuel Injectors Wear Over Time

Another reason to replace your stock fuel injectors is due to the unavoidable wear and tear they experience over time. Particularly in turbo charged engines, improperly performing fuel injectors can lead to serious performance problems, if not complete component breakdown.

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Some of the issues you may encounter can be unavoidable, especially because of the heat soak your injectors undergo when the engine is off. Because the engine is off, meaning that no air or fuel is flowing, fuel residue that has evaporated onto the injector nozzles becomes waxy, drying in the heat from your engine and turning hard, often clogging up the injectors.

When your engine is receiving a boost from the turbo at higher rpms, it will need all the fuel it can get in order to function properly. If your injectors are blocked, dirty, or otherwise restricted, the fuel mixture can become uneven and result in premature detonation as well as higher exhaust temperatures and even turbo failure.

Benefits of Replacing Standard Fuel Injectors

From a performance perspective, it’s easy to understand why power and performance enthusiasts choose ‘bigger’ upgrades as a means of increasing outputs from their engine more quickly. But don’t underestimate what replacing the stock fuel injectors on your car can do for your performance:

  • Improved fuel supply to the engine
  • Reduced issues with the turbo
  • Fewer implications caused by heat soak
  • Increased resistance to fuel pressure
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced risk of mechanical failure and breakdown
  • Reduced emission levels

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Performance Parts, Powerful Results

Tweaking and changing any of the stock parts or components in your vehicle should always be done by a trained professional, like the team at Just Autos. Our experience and knowledge will not only prevent you from costly repairs or dollars wasted on parts you don’t need but also ensure that you get the performance results you are looking for from your common rail diesel engine.

Based in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast, Just Autos are the local diesel performance enhancement specialists. For powerful results, book your diesel in at our workshop today!

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