Top 5 Mods for Off-Road Diesel Vehicles

June 9, 2023

Whether it is roaring through rugged terrain, conquering untamed wilderness or simply cruising around town, there is something to be said about the power of off-road diesel vehicles like the Hilux and Land Cruiser. But, what if we told you there’s a way to unlock their true potential?

That is where diesel performance upgrades and modifications make their mark! As the leading Toyota diesel performance experts in Australia, we take your off-road diesel vehicle and unleash it’s  true power with our range of robust modifications and upgrades.

Why settle for stock when you can supercharge your diesel vehicle’s performance? Through strategic modifications and upgrades, you can tap into a world of benefits that will take your on-road and off-road adventures to extraordinary heights. Let’s take a look at our top 5 Mods for off-Road Diesel Vehicles.

Unleashing Hidden Power With Diesel Tuning

Most diesel owners know that manufacturers are highly conservative when it comes to the performance of new diesel vehicles. As a result, these vehicles often fall short of delivering the full performance and power they are capable of, limiting the potential that many users, both new and experienced, are looking for.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help your vehicle achieve its true potential—diesel tuning! With the right modifications, your diesel vehicle can experience a remarkable transformation, enhancing its towing capacity, off-road capability, and overall driving experience. Our performance tuning services offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased power and torque: By optimising the engine’s parameters and recalibrating the management system, diesel tuning can increase the power and torque output of your vehicle. This enhanced performance translates into a vehicle that is more capable of handling tough terrains and hauling heavy loads.
  • Improved fuel efficiency: Contrary to common misconceptions, diesel tuning can actually improve the fuel efficiency of your off-road vehicle. With precise adjustments and reduction of unnecessary engine load, tuning can actually optimise your vehicle’s consumption! This not only helps you save on fuel costs but also extends your driving range, allowing for longer adventures without compromising on power.
  • Enhanced throttle response: Whether you’re navigating challenging off-road trails or manoeuvring through city streets, tuning your diesel vehicle also allows for improved throttle response. This makes driving more responsive and effortless!

At Just Autos, we have a team of experienced diesel tuners who understand that each driver has unique requirements and goals for their vehicle and driving experience. We work closely with you to create a custom map for your engine, tailored specifically to your driving needs. With our expertise, we prioritise the safety and longevity of your engine while delivering remarkable performance gains.

Matt from Just Autos remapping a Toyota's ECU

Boosting Engine Power And Torque With Turbo & Injector Upgrades

The turbocharger and fuel injectors are integral parts of your Toyota’s engine, and the type, size, and quality of these components can make a world of difference in your vehicle’s overall performance. That’s why upgrading your turbo and injectors is a smart investment!

By forcing more air into the combustion chamber, turbocharging increases the volume of air available for combustion. This results in improved power and torque outputs, enhanced fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. Experience quicker acceleration, greater towing capabilities, and a more exhilarating driving experience with a turbo upgrade.

At Just Autos, we believe in providing reliable and effective upgrades for your Toyota. That’s why we prefer using bolt-on turbo upgrades. By retaining factory intake pipes, oil lines, coolant lines, manifolds, and dump pipes, we reduce the chances of aftermarket parts failing when fitted. This approach not only ensures greater reliability but also allows you to easily source replacement parts from local dealerships if needed.

To ensure the best possible upgrades and tuning opportunities for your off-road vehicle, we begin with a pre-dyno inspection and comprehensive diesel health check. This inspection allows us to assess the condition of your injectors and other engine components accurately so that we can provide expert guidance on the most suitable upgrades for your needs.

VDJ70 Series Land Cruiser turbo upgrade from Just Autos

Enhancing Transmission Performance With The EasyLock Solution

The transmission of your off-road diesel vehicle plays a crucial role in transferring power from the engine to the wheels. It not only affects performance but also influences fuel economy and transmission temperatures.

If you’re looking to take your vehicle’s performance to the next level, Just Autos’ EasyLock is the answer. However, lock-up kit upgrades offer a range of benefits that go beyond increasing torque outputs and engine reliability. These include:

  • Reduces Transmission Temperatures: When you drive, your engine is under stress and is constantly shifting between converter lockup and unlock. This can generate excessive heat and can potentially damaging your engine. Our lock-up kits are designed to help your engine perform better and maintain cooler temperatures, even during high RPM operation. By reducing this heat build-up, you ensure the longevity and reliability of your transmission system.
  • More Torque to All Wheels: With an ECU transmission lock-up kit, you can enjoy increased torque delivery to all wheels, resulting in enhanced driving power. The direct drive from the transmission boosts power outputs and reduces the load on your brakes, resulting in improved acceleration and the ability to tackle challenging terrains with ease.
  • Enhanced Off-Road Driving: By activating the lockup feature when the conditions are right, lock-up kits can improve the performance of your vehicle.On the other hand, they will automatically disable it in conditions that could potentially stress the transmission or when extra torque is required for low RPM acceleration.
  • Safer for You & Your Engine: Our lock-up kits not only enhance performance but also prioritise safety. By maintaining optimal transmission temperatures and adjusting to different driving environments, they ensure a safer driving experience.
  • Ideal for 4WD & 4×4 Enthusiasts: If you’re a 4WD or 4×4 enthusiast, our ECU transmission lock-up kit upgrades are tailor-made for your adventures. Whether you’re towing heavy loads or embarking on thrilling off-road journeys, lock-up kits provide the reliability, performance and improved manoeuvrability you need to tackle any challenge.

Perform Better With Airbox Upgrades

The air intake system plays a vital role in delivering clean and sufficient air to the engine. At Just Autos, we understand the importance of a well-designed air intake system, which is why we offer a range of upgrades to optimise airflow and enhance your diesel vehicle’s performance.

By installing airbox upgrades, you can experience significant improvements in horsepower, torque, and throttle response as well as a reduction in turbo lag, allowing for quicker acceleration and enhanced overall engine performance. More air to the engine means more power at your disposal, giving you the edge you need on and off the road.

However, upgrading your air intake system offers more than just increased performance for your off-road vehicle. It provides better filtration, which means cleaner air reaches your engine resulting in improved fuel efficiency. And, for diesel enthusiasts, improving the sound improving the sound of your engine is an added bonus!

As diesel experts, we offer a range of custom-designed performance airboxes that are meticulously engineered to enhance airflow and protect your engine. When replacing the airbox, we retain the factory-fitted air filter. This is because the stock filter is more than sufficient in providing your engine with the right amount of air and protecting it from debris that could compromise its functionality. By keeping the factory filter, you also benefit from easier servicing during maintenance, reducing the risk of incorrectly fitting a new filter and potentially damaging your engine.

Just Autos custom airbox on a VDJ70

Discover A Roar Of Power With Exhaust Upgrades!

If you’re looking for better performance, sound, and fuel economy, an aftermarket exhaust system is the ideal mod for your diesel off-road vehicle. As the exhaust system plays a crucial role in expelling exhaust gases from the engine the right aftermarket upgrade can significantly improve power, torque, and overall driving experience.

  • Unlock Greater Performance Potential: These upgrades increase the flow of exhaust gases, reducing backpressure and allowing your engine to breathe more freely. The result? Improved acceleration, enhanced towing capacity, and a more exhilarating driving experience on and off the road.
  • Better Fuel Economy: Standard exhaust systems are designed for factory engines operating at a detuned level. However, aftermarket performance exhaust systems can lead to better performance by optimising the engine’s efficiency. The increased exhaust flow reduces restrictions, allowing for more efficient combustion and improved fuel consumption.
  • Improved Airflow for Maximum Power: Most factory-standard exhaust systems feature sections of pipe with reduced diameter, limiting the airflow of exhaust gases. However, by upgrading to a performance exhaust system you can eliminate these restrictions, allowing for optimal airflow and maximising power and torque output.

At Just Autos, we offer a wide selection of exhaust systems tailored to your driving needs. Our systems are equipped with high-flow catalytic converters and mufflers to ensure efficient exhaust flow while delivering the desired sound profile.

Maximise Your Diesel Vehicle’s Power Just Autos

Don’t let your off-road diesel vehicle fall short of its true potential. With the right combination of tuning and modifications you can take your vehicle’s performance to the next level!

Trust Just Autos to unlock the hidden power within your vehicle, providing you with an unrivalled power and an unforgettable driving experience. From diesel tuning to lockup kit upgrades, turbo and injector enhancements, airbox and intercooler upgrades, and exhaust system modifications, we have a wide range of top-quality solutions to transform your vehicle.

Just Autos Diesel Performance

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