Unlock the Full Potential of Your Toyota Hilux with These 5 Essential Performance Upgrades

September 7, 2023

The Toyota Hilux is a reliable and versatile vehicle that has become synonymous with toughness and durability. Whether you use your Hilux for the demands of work and everyday driving or for exhilarating adventures off the beaten path, this iconic vehicle has proven its versatility time and again. However, the journey doesn’t have to end with their stock capabilities!

If you are looking to unlock the potentials of your Hilux, a world of performance upgrades await! These enhancements go beyond the standard factory features and promise to elevate your driving experience to new heights. From fine-tuning the exhaust system to upgrading the turbocharger and more, these modifications can significantly improve the overall power and performance of your Toyota Hilux N80.

At Just Autos, we know what it takes to turn your Hilux into a powerhouse of performance and capability. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore each upgrade option, helping you make informed decisions to tailor your Hilux for the specific demands of your lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking more power, improved handling, or enhanced off-road capabilities, this guide will be your roadmap to achieving the ultimate driving experience with your Toyota Hilux.

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Why Upgrade Your Toyota Anyway?

As one of the most popular vehicles offered by Toyota, the Hilux is known for its high factory torque compared to other models. However, there is always room for improvement when it comes to factory settings and manufacturer specifications. With a range of modifications and upgrades available, it is now easier than ever before to get your Hilux to reach its full potential.

These upgrades can enhance the overall power and torque of the vehicle, providing you with improved acceleration and towing capabilities. Additionally, various performance upgrades can also enhance the vehicle’s handling and responsiveness, making it more enjoyable to drive. But it’s not just about raw power. Upgrades can also optimise fuel efficiency, allowing you to get more out of every drop of fuel. Lastly, performance upgrades can extend the lifespan of your Hilux by reducing strain on the engine and other components.

Enhance Your Toyota Hilux with an Upgraded Exhaust System

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your Toyota Hilux, one effective modification is a performance exhaust system. Swapping out the factory exhaust for a high-performance aftermarket system is a game-changer.

These upgrades are meticulously engineered to minimise back pressure, allowing your engine to breathe more freely. The result? A noticeable surge in power and torque, translating to improved acceleration and overall performance. But it’s not just about power; upgraded exhaust systems are designed to deliver a deeper, more aggressive exhaust note that sets your Hilux apart from the rest.

At Just Autos, we offer a diverse range of upgraded exhaust systems, including a full stainless-steel setups with multiple configurations. Our mandrel-bent designs, combined with straight-through mufflers, eliminate the restrictive factory components, paving the way for a higher-flowing exhaust system without an drone inside the cab.

Turbocharge Your Toyota Hilux for Thrilling Performance

One, overlooked, yet vital component when upgrading your Hilux is the turbo charger. Responsible for maximising the amount of air your engine receives, swapping out the stock turbocharger for a larger, more efficient counterpart directly translates into increase power and performance of your vehicle.

This upgrade is particularly beneficial for those who frequently carry heavy loads or tow trailers or for those looking to upgrading other parts of your engine, like the exhaust system. Additionally, a high-performance turbocharger can also improve fuel efficiency by maximising the combustion process, allowing you to get more mileage out of each tank of fuel.

Recognising this, Just Autos offer a range of high-quality G-turbo kits and a selection of genuine and factory replacement turbos that have been designed to fit a range of Hilux models, including the N70 and N80. Our G-turbos kits come equipped with everything you need for a swift and hassle-free installation, pairing these kits with a line-up of intercoolers, piping kits, fittings, clamps, hoses, and every other piece of the puzzle necessary for a comprehensive upgrade.

Experience Cooler Power with a Hilux N80 Intercooler Upgrade Kit

An intercoolers role is simple yet crucial, taking the compressed air generated by the turbocharger and cooling it before the air enters the engine. That is why for those upgrading the performance of their vehicle, an intercooler kit becomes a necessity.

While Toyota’s factory intercooler may be able to handle the increased flow, intercooler upgrades are often recommended to maximise cooling efficiency. This is especially important for extended drives or when hauling large and substantial loads.

Unlock Your Hilux’s Potential With Expert ECU Remapping

With the potential for a higher capacity for power, ECU remapping is a popular performance upgrade for Toyota Hilux owners. The engine control unit (ECU) is responsible for managing various aspects of the engine’s performance, including fuel delivery, ignition timing, and turbo boost pressure.

By remapping the ECU, you can optimise these settings to improve overall performance. ECU remapping can increase power and torque, enhance throttle response, and improve fuel efficiency without the need for any costly hardware upgrades or modifications. This makes it an efficient yet affordable upgrade for new enthusiasts or experienced drivers on a budget. ECU remapping can even extend the life of your diesel engine, making it a dual investment in both performance and longevity!

As nationally-known brand for our expertise, Just Autos is your partner in your vehicles power and performance. Our team of experts doesn’t just apply a one-size-fits-all approach. We will work with you to create a custom tuning solution that will suit your specific needs and expectations.

Seamless Power Delivery with Transmission Lock-Up Kit Upgrades

Overheating poses a significant challenge for any vehicle’s transmission system. While factory systems typically perform adequately for standard driving scenarios, they may not be the ideal choice for demanding situations such as towing and off-roading, which require enhanced performance.

Upgrading the transmission can significantly reduce slip within the torque converter, resulting in lower transmission temperatures. This not only prolongs the lifespan of your transmission but also enhances power transfer efficiency, resulting in improved acceleration and responsiveness.

At Just Autos, we’ve taken a step further in redefining vehicle performance with our innovative software-based Easy-Lock upgrade for the original manufacturer’s ECU. Unlike conventional automatic transmissions that operate within pre-set parameters for lockup and unlock functions, our Easy-Lock system, compatible with the Hilux N80, enhances the engagement of the lockup clutch, adapting seamlessly to diverse driving conditions. This results in superior control and optimised power transfer.

Explore the full potential of our cutting-edge Easy-Lock upgrade in our latest video. Join us as we delve into how these advancements can elevate your driving experience, both on and off the road, by enhancing your vehicle’s performance and responsiveness.

Taking Your Hilux To The Next Level

By investing in these essential performance upgrades, you can unlock the full potential of your Toyota Hilux N80. Whether you are looking for increased power and torque, improved fuel efficiency, or enhanced towing capabilities, these modifications can help you achieve your goals.

At Just Autos, our team of experts specialises in optimising your Toyota vehicles for peak performance, ensuring that every modification is executed with precision and care. With a deep understanding of the Toyota Hilux N80’s engineering, we’re equipped to guide you through the process of selecting the right upgrades that align with your driving goals and preferences.

Chat to our team today! With the right upgrades and professional guidance, you can take your Toyota Hilux N80 to the next level and enjoy a more powerful, efficient, and enjoyable driving experience.

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