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Choose Just Autos for all your Toyota diesel tuning and performance upgrade requirements. We can hep you maximise your driving experience.

Toyota Diesel Tuning & Performance Upgrades

Just Autos are Your Toyota Performance Specialists

Unleash the full potential of your Toyota’s engine with our comprehensive range of performance tuning services and custom vehicle upgrades. Our team of experts have the knowledge and expertise to fine-tune your engine for optimal power, torque, and efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to boost power and torque, improve fuel economy, or enhance overall driveability, our tailored solutions will help you achieve your performance goals.

Toyota Diesel Performance Experts

Maximise the Potential of Your Toyota

Just Autos are your local Toyota diesel tuning experts. We’ve worked on a wide range of Toyotas, including the 70 Series, 200 Series and 300 Series Land Cruiser the Toyota Hilux, and the Toyota Prado models. As Australia’s premier common rail and turbodiesel Toyota performance experts, vehicle owners across Queensland, interstate and even internationally bring their high-performance Toyotas exclusively to our workshop. 

Our custom ECU tuning and remapping services are tailored to suit the specific needs of your Toyota, ensuring that you get the perfect balance of power and reliability. We use state-of-the-art tools and software, including our own in-house developed maps, to fine-tune the ECU, which results in significant gains in horsepower and torque.

In addition to our custom tuning services, we also offer a wide range of mods and upgrades that can help you achieve the ultimate performance from your Toyota. Our selection of turbochargers, intercoolers, and performance exhaust systems are specifically designed to enhance the power and torque of your engine, while also improving the overall driveability of your vehicle. To complement our component upgrades, we also offer a range of other performance-enhancing modifications that help to fine-tune the performance of your Toyota and make your driving experience even more enjoyable.

At Just Autos, we are dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your Toyota. Trust us to take your driving experience to the next level, and make your Toyota truly stand out on the road.

The Best in Toyota Diesel Performance

Just Autos is the leader in Toyota diesel performance services in Australia, having invested over $100,000 in hardware, software, research, and development. We pride ourselves on providing proven results, time and time again, through our custom ECU remapping, common rail and turbodiesel tuning, and performance modifications, upgrades, and packages.

Our custom ECU remap services can enhance the performance of your diesel engine by switching off EGR functions in the ECU, which stops the recirculation of abrasive diesel exhaust gas. We can also switch off several other DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) that may occur when custom modifications have been carried out.

For those who have already invested in HKS, our custom remapping of the ECU will compliment it, giving you the best of both worlds – maximum power and torque from the piggyback, and no negative impact on the EGR system. With Just Autos you can trust that you are getting the best performance solution for your diesel engine!

Maximise the capabilities of your Toyota with Just Autos:

Diesel Performance
Close up of 300 Series Land Cruiser engine at Just Autos in Nambour
Chip Tuning vs ECU Remapping - Just Autos owner Matt driving a Toyota

How We Can Improve Your Toyota Diesel's Performance

Toyota diesel engines have become a popular choice for drivers looking for improved performance, and for good reason. These engines are designed to deliver impressive torque and power from the factory, but with the help of professional diesel performance specialists, they can be taken to the next level. The amount of extra performance you can gain will depend on your specific Toyota model and when it was manufactured.

At Just Autos, we pride ourselves on being the go-to experts for Toyota diesel performance. Our team of diesel performance tuners have extensive knowledge and experience in the field, and we use the latest technologies and equipment to enhance the performance of your engine. From custom ECU tuning and dual/multi-mapping to advanced mods and upgrades, we have the perfect solutions to boost the performance of your Toyota diesel.

We offer a wide range of modifications and upgrades that are specifically designed to unlock the full potential of your Toyota diesel engine. Some of our most popular offerings include turbocharger upgrades, intercooler upgrades and exhaust system upgrades. These modifications can significantly increase horsepower and torque, while also improving the overall driveability of your vehicle. We also offer other unique solutions such as air intake systems, airbox upgrades and high-performance clutch systems that are designed to fine-tune the performance of your engine and make your driving experience even more enjoyable.

Greater Torque & Power

Diesel tuning removes the limitations set by the manufacturer, and allows for better torque and power outputs from your engine.

Increased Fuel Economy

Custom tuning or replacing parts with performance parts can greatly reduce your fuel consumption and improve your mileage.

Performance Parts

We have a large variety of part upgrade choices, for a selection of different Toyota models. Contact us for more info or visit our workshop.

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