What is a Diesel Engine Tune Up?

December 7, 2021

When it comes to tuning engines and fitting performance parts, many vehicle owners think only petrol engines are eligible, and that only naturally aspirated engines would benefit from tuning. What many diesel engines owners don’t realise is that they may be sitting on a stable of unused horses, just waiting to be released!

There are many different ways to improve the performance of your lackluster diesel engine, with one of the most beneficial being a tune up. What is a diesel engine tune up and what does it entail? Find out below…

What is a Diesel Engine Tune Up? - rear of an SUV diesel car driving through mud

Discover Diesel Engine Tuning

A diesel engine tune up is the process of adjusting and replacing standard parts of the engine with performance alternatives in order to improve its performance. This is necessary because, over time, standard engine parts wear down and lose their effectiveness. By tuning up the engine, you can restore its original power and efficiency.

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What Does a Tune Up Entail?

A tune up will usually involve replacing the factory standard components you bought your car with, with performance alternatives that are designed to work optimally with your diesel engine.

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Replacing the Factory Fuel Injector

For a diesel engine to run smoothly and at optimal levels, it is important for the fuel injector to spray fuel in uniform droplets. If this uniformity is compromised (which can be caused by several factors such as age, dirt accumulation, etc.) the engine will not perform properly and may result in damage such as carbon buildup or other irreparable damage that would require the replacement of major components.

If you suspect that your fuel injectors are no longer performing their best and you want to bring your ride back up to its original glory, start looking into replacing them with performance alternatives. These parts are known for their high-quality construction and reliability; if they fit your ride, a tune up with a performance injector is sure to leave you satisfied.

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Use High-Quality Air Filters

The air filter is another important aspect of diesel engine tuning. It does the job of trapping dirt and other impurities in the air before it reaches sensitive components. There are high-quality alternative filters that are designed not to restrict airflow while doing this, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your car’s power won’t be compromised.


What is a Diesel Engine Tune Up? - Emus Crossing a Road in Australia

Finding High-Quality Oil Filters

Like their air counterparts, oil filters trap metallic particles that enter through friction produced by moving parts inside an engine. These include valves, pumps, pistons etc. A standard oil filter might allow some dust through into the oil supply line; a high-quality performance replacement will prevent all such contamination from happening – something essential for diesel engines that aren’t as tolerant to dirt and dust as petrol engines.

Replace the Standard Air Intake

The air intake on a diesel engine is responsible for bringing in clean air so the engine can combust fuel efficiently. When this component becomes clogged with dirt, dust, and other pollutants, the engine has to work much harder than it was designed to, which can lead to decreased performance, decreased fuel economy, and even damage to the engine.

A performance-oriented air intake will help your engine breathe easier and take in more clean air – resulting in improved performance and efficiency all around!

Get Your ECU Remapped

ECU remapping is a process that alters the software that controls your engine’s performance. By doing this, you can unlock more power and better fuel economy from your diesel engine – something that is essential for those looking to improve their ride’s performance.

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Just Autos specialises in ECU remapping, a technical process that will enable you to see immense improvement from your diesel engine, such as greater power and efficiency, an improved driving experience, and even better throttle response.

Our experts can custom tune your engine to enhance its performance without changing any parts on your vehicle, making ECU remapping a highly lucrative investment that can provide great results.

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Get Your Engine Tuned Up with Just Autos

With the right diesel performance specialist at your side and some quality performance parts, you can easily tune up your diesel engine and see a marked improvement in its overall performance! So, what are you waiting for? Bring your diesel in to Just Autos today to get started.

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