Tips to Choose Best Diesel Mechanic

January 27, 2020

If you don’t know a great deal about engines or diesel vehicle components, it can be challenging to find a mechanic that you can trust. While you expect them to do a great job, you don’t find out whether they actually have or not until you’ve driven a few thousand kilometres and then it can be too late.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a diesel expert to find a great mechanic for your vehicle. Here are some simple tips that you can use to select one who won’t let you down.

Choose A Mechanic With ECU Remapping Experience

When it comes to choosing the best diesel mechanic, it is vital to select one that not only understands the basics but is also passionate about diesel engine care. But what should you look for?

A great place to start is tuning shops. Shops that offer ECU remapping services are often filled with people who love engines and want to get that vehicle as efficient as it can be. Many often invest big chunks of their professional education into learning all they can about tuning so that they can provide their customers with the best experience possible.

You don’t have to get your engine “tuned” or “remapped” of course, if you decide to use mechanics like these. But going to a place that also offers these kinds of services can be an indication of overall quality and experience.

Look For Excellent Communication Skills

When you take your vehicle for a service or repair, you need someone who can explain the problem to you in plain English and offer a solution. Unfortunately, some mechanics lack adequate communication skills or, worse still, don’t believe you’re worthy of a full explanation of what they intend to do. As a customer, this approach can leave you feeling on edge and out of the loop. That’s not what you want at all.

Try calling up mechanics in your area to learn more about their communication style. Ask them simple questions such as how long it will take to fix your vehicle and what it might cost. Proper mechanics should be able to provide you with estimates and figures, depending on what you tell them, and explain the reasons for their timings and prices.

Check Their Experience

While education can help mechanics become professional, it is on-the-job experience that makes the real difference. Those with years of experience working on a variety of diesel vehicles are often the best at diagnosing and fixing problems.

Ideally, you want to choose a shop where the head mechanic has at least ten years of experience under their belt in the specific area. Diesel engines come in multiple platforms including mechanical injection and common rail injection, Make sure they specialise in the area that you require.

Ask About The Tools That They Use

The world of diesel engine maintenance has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Mechanics have had to adjust to the ever-increasing sophistication of engines in a way that they simply didn’t in the past.

Many, therefore, have also had to update the tools that they use. The wrenches and spanners of the past have been replaced by sophisticated diagnostic devices that hook up to the engine.

Some mechanics, however, have struggled to adapt to these changes. Many want to keep servicing cars in the old way and don’t understand that the new approaches are better in almost every way.

You should, therefore, always ask about the kind of tools that the shop uses. Look for mechanics that use the latest devices that hook up to engine computers. Avoid shops that haven’t upgraded to modern standards.

Choose Mechanics That Provide A Clear Servicing Timetable

A lot of shops will offer to service your vehicle, but only on a schedule that suits them. If you’re in a rush or need your car for work, this is a problem. You don’t want to be waiting around for your mechanic to get on with the job of processing your vehicle. However it’s always advised to give the mechanic the adequate time required to do the job

It’s always good to look at previous reviews to get an understanding of how customer have been previously dealt with and if they are happy with the overall service


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