Towing Upgrade & Touring Upgrades

Just Autos will unlock your vehicle’s hidden potential and make any long-haul trip one to remember, catering to your towing and touring needs.

Toyota Diesel Upgrades for Towing & Touring

Towing Upgrade & Touring Upgrades

At Just Autos, we specialise in creating diesel performance packages designed for towing and touring. We offer a range of genuine and aftermarket diesel performance parts that can ramp up your driving experience while promoting engine performance and health! 

Touring around Australia, often with the added weight of a caravan or trailer, will undoubtedly put your Toyota’s engine under strain. That’s why we’ve got performance upgrades to suit every use and application! We focus on engine health as much as performance gains, which is why our upgrade packages and kits are tailored to specific Toyota models. 

Protect your engine from overheating and from high transmission temperatures with our transmission lock-up kit, ideal for improving fuel economy and gearbox temperatures. We can also help you keep your engine clean and avoid the negative impact of dusting with our range of airbox and intercooler fan kit upgrades. What’s more, our experts also offer multi-map ECU remapping services, allowing you to enjoy pre-set maps for every occasion. 

Top Modifications for Toyota Touring & Towing

These basic modifications are only a small list to help with touring but also may require other modifications to aid with this depending on vehicle model and personal choices.

Key factors when tuning for towing & Touring

We design all our performance packages with these key factors in mind, using only components that are of high quality and that have been tested/proven to provide the result and reliability that we require.

4×4 Suspension Upgrades

Lift kits & GVM upgrades and widely differ for every application, weight, vehicle model and can vary depending on terrain you will be predominantly driving on. Just Autos can supply a wide range of suspension upgrades inc. full complied GVM upgrades (pre-registration & post-registration) & ADR approved lift kits to suit a wide range of vehicle.

Jmacx Suspension

Just Autos is a certified dealer & fitter of a wide range of GVM upgrades from Jmacx suspension, Jmacx suspension has some of the highest rated GVM upgrades for the Toyota platform with option to even fit Kings 2.5 suspension to upgrade ride quality

Diff upgrades

Jmacx supplies a wide range of diff upgrades for the Toyota platform inc. diff correction for the 79 series, Diff upgrades for load carrying capacity & also upgrade for the 200 series diff housings.


To get your vehicle running efficiently while towing or touring, carrying out a custom ECU remap, or performance package can help with not only the drivability of your vehicle but help in tricky situations where you put your foot down to pass a truck and nothing happens. Adding extra torque and power will help with passing vehicles when needed, make towing a breeze, make the vehicle more efficient and help with improving fuel economy.

Most modifications fitted to your vehicle will only help in situations, we recommend trying to avoid custom modifications which means custom parts to replace when out touring. When carrying out all our performance packages, we use factory location components which means less areas for failure and easy to find parts for if something was to ever go wrong.

Torque converter lock up kits are fitted to vehicles with automatic transmissions to help improve fuel economy and transmission temperatures, when a vehicles torque converter is “flaring” to generate torque it’s also generating a lot of heat as well which can cause the vehicle automatic transmission light to come on when towing and put the vehicle into limp mode which can happen at the worst of times. With a torque converter lock up kit fitted we can improve efficiency of the transmission and keep temperatures down while also gaining a nice driving experience

For tuning purposes, not always unless the factory fitted intake system is restrictive; for touring and using your vehicle in situation which involves dusty road and small water crossings, it’s recommended to replace the factory intake system which is usually fitted in our of the worse places –  behind the guard, leaving it vulnerable to dust and water.

Replacing this factory fitted intake with a snorkel will help move the intake to a higher location to avoid dust off the road and water when crossing rivers. Be careful when ordering snorkels, it is advised to stick with main brands with high quality components i.e. Safari to avoid costly damage.

Any basic modification of a 4wd will start with altering the factory suspension to achieve extra ground clearance and putting larger tyres. Just Autos is a supplier for Jmacx suspension components mainly fitting diff correction into the 70 series vehicles, we can also supply and fit a large range of suspension components or point you in the right direction of that you should be getting

Air box upgrades on most vehicles are not required unless replacing turbochargers to a larger assembly which then can produce a higher rate of flow over a factory airbox. 200 series Landcruiser has a common issue with allowing dust to pass the factory filter which we recommend fitting an aftermarket airbox to stop this issue from happening

Unfortunately, your vehicle won’t be winning any awards for fuel economy any time soon. Added weights and towing your vehicle will use more fuel than normal.

We can help with this situation by making sure the vehicle is serviced correctly i.e. Air filter replaced; fuel filter can help with gaining some fuel economy back. Carrying out a custom remap package, fitting torque converter lock up kits, or fitting an aftermarket exhaust can help with efficiency as well.

Towing Upgrade & Touring Upgrades


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