ECU Transmission Lockup Kit

Extend the Life of Your Toyota's Transmission and Enjoy and Enhanced Driving Experience with Our ECU Transmission Lockup Kits.

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Fit Your Just Autos Lock Up Kit

As leaders in Toyota diesel performance tuning, Just Autos have tailored our ECU transmission lock-up kits for maximum results! Our kits are designed to work within the safety parameters of your ECU, enhancing your engine’s ability to tow, climb hills, and use low-end torque – satisfying the premium standards you can expect from the Just Autos team.  

Our passion for power is about more than just optimal performance of your Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser. Fitting our customized ECU Transmission Lock-up Kit will not only satisfy your inner rev head – it’ll also protect your engine while promoting the health and longevity of the motor, ultimately resulting in a better drive for longer.

Take Your Off-Road Driving To The Next Level

Our transmission lock-up kits are the ideal performance upgrade for any Toyota owner looking for increase torque outputs and better reliability from their engines. But fitting your Toyota with an ECU transmission lock-up kit from Just Autos offers far more than just that…

Reduces Transmission Temperatures

When your engine is under duress, jumping between converter lockup and unlock can create excessive heat in your engine. Our lock-up kits will help your engine perform better and at cooler temperatures, even at higher RPMs.

More Torque to All Wheels

You can enjoy more torque delivery at the wheels and enhanced driving responsiveness from your Toyota. Having a more direct drive from the transmission increases power outputs and reduces the load on your brakes.

Enhanced Off-Road Driving

Activates the lockup when the conditions are right & disables it under conditions that would put excessive stress on the transmission or when extra torque is necessary to accelerate at low RPM - which is ideal for off road, technical rock driving.

Increased Responsiveness

Having an improved drive from the transmission makes for a more responsive vehicle.

Safer for You & Your Engine

Our lockup kits keep your engine running cool and adjusts for different driving environments.

Ideal for 4WD & 4x4 Enthusiasts

Tow and tour like never before with our ECU transmission lockup kit.

Toyota 4WD Upgrades

Fit Your ECU Transmission Lock-Up Kit

Whether you are off-roading, towing a caravan or boat, or smashing an incline, our ECU Transmission Lock-up Kit gives drivers more control – these driving environments will put your engine to the test. Our specially designed lockup kit is a MUST for anyone who considers themselves a 4WD enthusiast!

Fit your Toyota diesel with an ECU transmission lock-up kit from Just Autos. Specifically designed by car-lovers for car-lovers – no one is more passionate about Toyota diesel performance than we are! That’s why our customers drive across Australia to the team at Just Autos to get their Toyotas tuned. Book your Toyota in to our workshop today or call our team for more info.  

What Our Customers Have to Say

Toyota Tuning & Performance Upgrades

As Australia’s premier common rail and turbodiesel Toyota diesel performance experts, vehicle owners across Queensland, interstate and even internationally, bring their high-performance Toyota vehicles exclusively to our workshop.

Our knowledge and experience in the trade makes us one of Queensland’s most trusted diesel performance workshops. Our entire team, headed by Matt Smith, is committed to meeting the needs of our customers and providing the best service in the diesel performance tuning and the automotive mechanical industry. As a result, a high percentage of our local, interstate and international business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Just Autos Toyota diesel performance tuners are trained, knowledgeable and are experts at what they do. Our staff are happy to answer any questions and queries you have ensuring you get all the facts and information you need to make the best decisions for your diesel tuning needs.

200 Series Land Cruiser

We offer upgrades designed for touring and towing, which means improving the drivability and torque while improving efficiency as well. 

We also have upgrades for the die-hard performance enthusiast with packages capable of making over 350hp at all 4 wheels and over 1000nm of torque. 

DPF options are available.

At Just Autos, we can change that disappointing output figure into something that can be capable of towing heavy loads without even stressing the engine. 

Base packages produce over 200hp and 650nm at the wheels – we have every option covered for your 70 series. 

DPF options are available.

Hilux and Prado

With over 15 years of experience and knowledge on the Toyota platform, we have multiple options for the 3.0 1KD and also the 2.8 1GD engine.

We have packages available for every person in mind, with a full touring setup to improve towing efficiency and torque, to a full package capable of making well into the 300hp. 

DPF options are available.

Australia's Ultimate Diesel Performance Experts

Achieve More Power & Torque With Just Autos

Just Autos is a nationally-known brand renowned for our diesel performance expertise. No one cares more about your car’s performance than we do! That’s why our team works hard to ensure we understand your performance needs before getting stuck in under the hood of your Toyota to make those dreams a reality. 

Just Autos Diesel Performance is based in Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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