For the Love of Diesel: Are You Looking After Your Engine?

February 17, 2022

Diesel engines are renowned for their superior efficiency, torque, and power capabilities, which often surpass that of their petrol counterparts. When looked after properly, diesel engines often give their owners hundreds of thousands of kilometres’ worth of pure driving pleasure incomparable to the petrol experience – but key to this is looking after your diesel!

Many vehicle owners develop a ‘set-and-forget’ attitude when it comes to their cars, only doing the minimum to keep them running, but any passionate diesel owner knows that it takes commitment and dedication to ensure you receive the same level of power and performance outputs as when you first bought the car.

Are you looking after your diesel engine as well as you could be? Find out below!

Do You Service Your Diesel at the Recommended Intervals?

A common mistake made by diesel owners is to allow their vehicle’s service intervals to lapse. Your vehicle manufacturer has conducted years of research and development, which resulted in the creation of your car’s recommended service intervals – but these don’t just magically happen!

Your manufacturer recommends that you bring your diesel into the nearest approved workshop for routine servicing every 10,000km or 6 months, – or more often, depending on your driving habits and conditions – but many owners neglect this crucial step! Failing to adhere to these recommendations will result in decreased engine life span and degraded fuel economy, yet it still happens all too often.

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If you want the best out of your diesel engine, make sure you follow its service schedule exactly as your manufacturer designed it.

For the Love of Diesel: Are You Looking After Your Engine? - SUV driving dirt road in outback

Do You Regularly Change Fluids?

Another common mistake made by diesel owners is the neglect of regular fluid changes. For example, while engine oil is a critical aspect of your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy, many drivers don’t bother to change their oil every 3,000km or 6 months, instead opting for whatever time they feel is ‘appropriate’.

In addition to this, some drivers have been known to use inferior oils in their diesel engines – particularly certain synthetic options which are not approved for diesel use by your manufacturer. It’s important that you adhere strictly to your car’s service schedule when it comes to changing its fluids!

Have You Cleaned Your Intake Manifold?

Over time, carbon deposits will accumulate on your diesel engine’s intake valves. These can be cleaned off by using a specialist chemical cleaning agent, however many deliveries of these also fail to include the correct size tools for this job – or they simply neglect to clean their intake manifold at all!

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Whether you’ve used an approved chemical cleaning agent, or your car manufacturer has designed its own procedure for safely removing carbon deposits from fuel injectors and intake manifolds, it’s important that this task is adhered to religiously. Neglecting this step could result in inferior power outputs and decreased torque – not what you want from your beloved diesel!

For the Love of Diesel: Are You Looking After Your Engine? - car driving on road in the outback

Have You Considered Aftermarket Performance Parts?

Finally, many diesel drivers are unaware that it’s possible to upgrade their cars with alternative performance parts. Although these aren’t considered ‘factory’ options by your vehicle manufacturer, certain upgrades can improve power outputs and efficiency.

For example, you’ve probably heard of someone adding a turbocharger kit to their petrol car in order to achieve higher horsepower levels – well the same is true for diesel models! By simply installing a new exhaust system or an upgraded air intake filter, you could see your fuel economy increase dramatically through gaining better engine efficiencies.

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So why not take the plunge and consider updating your diesel model today? You’re guaranteed to love the results! Just Autos specialises in aftermarket performance part replacements and packages and can help you find the right upgrades for your needs. Plus, we offer custom ECU remapping services that can totally transform your engine’s capabilities and performance.

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The Benefits of Proper Diesel Engine Care

There are many benefits to regularly servicing your diesel engine.

Firstly, it ensures that you will receive the most out of its fuel economy and power outputs. Secondly, a properly maintained vehicle is often less likely to break down – meaning that you can continue to use your car for longer before needing costly repairs!

Thirdly, by following your manufacturer’s recommended service intervals precisely, you’ll be ensuring your vehicle’s performance doesn’t deteriorate over time.

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If You Want The Best Out Of Your Diesel…

It goes without saying that if you want the best out of your diesel engine, it’s important to take care of it well! Maintain your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturers recommended service intervals and you can expect many years of reliable service.

If you want to see a noticeable increase in power, fuel economy and general engine performance, why not consider bringing your diesel in to Just Autos? Our diesel performance specialists can help you understand your motor better, as well as identify potential upgrade opportunities that could bolster not only your performance, but also improve mileage on every tank of fuel!

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