Top Performance Upgrades for Your 79 Series Land Cruiser

May 11, 2023

The Toyota Landcruiser 79 series is a reliable and capable vehicle designed for both on and off-road driving. It’s a popular choice among drivers who demand toughness, durability, and versatility. However, like any other vehicle, the 79 series Landcruiser has some areas where it can be improved to enhance its performance.

This is where performance upgrades come into play. By upgrading certain components of your Landcruiser, you can increase its power, torque, fuel efficiency, and overall performance. Whether you use your vehicle for work or play, performance upgrades can help you get the most out of your driving experience.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top performance upgrades for the 79 series Land Cruiser. We’ll cover the benefits of each upgrade and provide some popular options for you to consider. By the end of this post, you’ll have a better understanding of how to improve your Land Cruiser’s performance and which upgrades may be right for you.

79 Series Exhaust Upgrades

An important part of any vehicle’s engine is its exhaust system, which is responsible for removing exhaust gases and releasing them outside the vehicle. If you’re looking to improve the performance of your Landcruiser, upgrading the exhaust system is a smart move. When coupled with tuning, exhaust upgrades can enhance power and torque, fuel efficiency, and overall driving experience.

One significant advantage of upgrading your exhaust system is the increase in horsepower and torque. By installing a larger diameter exhaust system with free-flowing mufflers and headers, you can reduce back pressure in the engine, which results in more power and better acceleration. This improvement in engine efficiency translates into a more enjoyable driving experience.

Another benefit of a high-quality exhaust system is the improvement in fuel efficiency. With a more efficient exhaust system, your Land Cruiser will use less fuel, which can save you money over time. This means that you can travel longer distances without having to refuel, making your Land Cruiser more economical and environmentally friendly.

Just Autos is a trusted supplier of exhaust systems for the 79 series Land Cruiser, offering a range of options to suit different needs. One of their popular exhaust systems is the 409 stainless steel exhaust system, available in configurations ranging from 2.5” to 4”. All exhaust systems from Just Autos come equipped with high-flow catalytic converters and can feature either high-flow mufflers or smaller resonators depending on the desired exhaust note and application. With a Just Autos exhaust system, you can be assured of improved performance and a better driving experience for your Land Cruiser.

Performance Tuning Options for Your 79 Series

Performance tuning involves modifying a vehicle’s engine and its management system to improve its performance. This can include modifications to the air intake system, fuel system, exhaust system, and engine management system. Performance tuning can be an effective way to increase horsepower, torque, and acceleration, while also improving fuel efficiency and throttle response.

Performance tuning can be particularly beneficial for the 79 series Landcruiser. With the right modifications, you can increase the vehicle’s towing capacity, off-road capability, and overall driving experience. Some benefits of performance tuning for the 79 series Landcruiser include:

  • Increased power and torque: With performance tuning, you can increase your Landcruiser’s power and torque, making it more capable of handling tough terrain and heavy loads.
  • Improved fuel efficiency: Performance tuning can improve your Landcruiser’s fuel efficiency by optimising the air/fuel ratio and reducing unnecessary engine load.
  • Enhanced throttle response: Performance tuning can improve your Landcruiser’s throttle response, making it more responsive and easier to drive.

Some popular performance tuning options for the 79 series Land Cruiser include ECU remapping and multi-mapping. These tuning options are designed to improve the vehicle’s performance in different ways, whether it be by increasing power, improving fuel efficiency, or enhancing throttle response.

Air Intake Upgrades for Your 79 Series

The air intake system is a vital component that delivers clean air to the engine for combustion. If you want to boost your Landcruiser’s performance, upgrading the air intake system is a wise choice. This upgrade allows more air to enter the engine, resulting in increased horsepower and torque, and improved throttle response. Additionally, a high-quality air intake system can provide better filtration, improved fuel efficiency, and a more pleasing engine sound.

One crucial part of the air intake system is the airbox, which plays a critical role in ensuring that the engine receives clean intake air, this can work in tandem with our 79 Series front mounted intercooler upgrades to provide clean and efficient air to the turbocharger and engine. At Just Autos, we understand the importance of the airbox and offer a wide range of airbox upgrades designed to improve airflow efficiency and filtration for the 79 Series Land Cruiser. Our airbox and intercooler upgrades are engineered to allow more air to enter the engine while maintaining the correct air-to-fuel ratio, leading to improved performance and increased lifespan.

We also offer part upgrades and replacements to promote engine health and efficiency. Our team of experts can help you choose the right air intake system and airbox upgrades for your Land Cruiser to ensure maximum performance and durability. With our top-quality airbox upgrades, you can be confident that your Land Cruiser is receiving clean, filtered air for optimal performance.

79 Series Turbo & Injector Upgrades

Turbocharger and fuel injectors are essential components of the engine system that can significantly impact the Landcruiser’s performance. Turbo and injector upgrades can increase power and torque, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance the overall driving experience.

Upgrading your Landcruiser’s turbocharger can increase horsepower and torque by forcing more air into the engine, resulting in more power output. Improved turbocharger efficiency can also lead to improved fuel economy, allowing you to get more out of your fuel tank.

Fuel injector upgrades can improve fuel delivery, resulting in better combustion and more power. The injector upgrade can also enhance fuel efficiency by providing more precise fuel delivery, optimising combustion, and reducing waste.

The Just Autos workshop offers a variety of turbo and injector upgrade options for the 79 series Landcruiser. Among these, the Gturbo bolt on turbo upgrades and the Just Autos upgraded injectors are popular choices for those looking to boost their vehicle’s performance. These upgrades are specifically designed to increase power, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance throttle response.

The Gturbo bolt on upgrades are highly regarded for their reliability and efficiency, providing a durable and high-performing turbo option. They are engineered to improve airflow and increase boost pressure, resulting in a noticeable increase in power and torque. Additionally, the Gturbo bolt on upgrades are designed to be easy to install, making the process simple and hassle-free.

The Just Autos upgraded injectors are another popular upgrade option that optimises fuel delivery for improved combustion and increased power output. These injectors are carefully selected to match the engine’s specific requirements and are custom tuned to maximise performance. With these upgrades, you can expect better fuel economy and a more responsive throttle, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Take Your 79 Series Land Cruiser to the Next Level with Performance Upgrades

Upgrading your 79 series Land Cruiser’s performance can significantly enhance its capabilities and driving experience. From exhaust system upgrades to turbo and injector upgrades, each performance upgrade can offer various benefits such as increased power, torque, fuel efficiency, and improved throttle response. Just Autos is a reputable supplier of performance upgrades for the 79 series Land Cruiser, providing a range of options to suit different needs. By upgrading your Land Cruiser with the right components, you can increase its overall performance, making it more capable and enjoyable to drive.

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